Alarm For Cobra 11

December 2014

S14 Ep12 - Beloved Enemy

Expired 3.6 363 x
Semir and Ben are involved in a hot pursuit duel with a gang of young car thieves. The first round goes to the thieves. Their speciality: high-class dream cars. But Ben and Semir stay on their trail and soon find the wirepuller. But then the highway cops realise that there is another crime lurking behind the thefts. A crime that will destroy an old friendship and save a great love. (From Germany) (Drama) (Class Tbc)

S14 Ep13 - The Rhine In Flames

Expired 3.3 193 x
Semir and Ben total not only their own police car – but also that of their boss. As a result our heroes are sentenced to a spell with the river police Together with police boat skipper Conny, Ben and Semir set off in hot pursuit of bombers who are blackmailing a big Düsseldorf shipping company. Ben falls head over heels in love with his new boss – not realising that Conny’s ex-husband is working together with the bombers. Conny has to decide between Ben and her ex. But this is not the only prob...
November 2014

S14 Ep10 - Old Friends

Expired 1.5 88 x
Old Friends - Shortly after a police transport van taking 5-million euros worth of cocaine from the evidence vault to the state incinerator is carjacked, the corpse of the young police officer Claudia Wolters is pulled out of the Rhine. Herzberger, who is a friend of her father’s, now tries to find the murderer together with Ben and Semir. But then some clues indicate that two other colleagues may be involved in the murder. Herzberger can’t believe this and launches his own investigations. As a...

S14 Ep7 - The Lost Son

Expired 3.0 86 x
After the cunning theft of a SWAT car complete with special explosives, the perps escape on the highway. During the investigations Ben encounters his former instructor Charly Weismann. But when they storm the gang’s hideout together, Charly lets one of the perps do a runner. Is Ben’s former instructor corrupt? Ben simply can’t believe this and tries to find out the truth of the matter. (From Germany, in German) (Drama Series) class TBA

S14 Ep5 - The Panther

Expired 4.0 92 x
The Panther - A mysterious statue is stolen in a spectacular manner during the night. Semir and Ben soon have a main suspect: the so-called panther, a brilliant and notorious gentleman burglar. At first, however, he proves to be just as elusive as the secret of the statue. What Semir and Ben don’t realise is that the Panther is actually the father of their boss Kim Krüger. When a second break-in occurs, Kim Krüger has to face up to her past. (From Germany, in German) (Drama Series) (class tba)

S14 Ep6 - Operation Gemini

Expired 3.0 99 x
Operation Gemini - Ben and Semir have to deal with a bratty teenager called Lisa, who is the rebellious daughter of very wealthy parents. Her father broke off all contact with her after she fell in love with a boy who her father deemed not good enough. Lisa tries to make ends meet by petty thieving whereby she happens to stumble upon a file with a highly explosive content, after which nothing will ever be the same. (From Germany, in German) (Drama Series) (class tba)
October 2014

S14 Ep8 - Brotherly Love

Expired 3.0 92 x
Brotherly Love - Investigations into a murder case take Ben and Semir into Cologne’s nightlife. They soon have their eye on a suspect, young Jimmy, but soon afterwards he is also found murdered. His brother Dennis, who is serving time for juvenile delinquency, is determined to avenge the murder. Gradually Ben and Semir find themselves between the lines of a relentless battle between two upmarket clubs, and Andrea has to look on as her protégé Dennis falls back into the criminal bouncers’ scene....
September 2014

S14 Ep1 - The Conspiracy

Expired 3.0 120 x
The Conspiracy - Ben sees what looks like a murder in the building opposite his apartment, but he doesn't have any evidence and no-one believes him - not even his own partner Semir. The more he searches for evidence and the corpse, the more deeply entangled he becomes in a murderous conspiracy. (From Germany, in German) (Crime Series) (class tba)

S14 Ep4 - From One Genius To Another

Expired 3.0 98 x
From One Genius To Another - Eight-year-old Felix, an enthusiastic stargazer with a predilection for complex astronomy, causes an accident when he draws a picture of the solar system on the highway. Semir and Ben try to bond with the boy but to no avail, for Felix is autistic and lets nobody get close to him. The only person who manages to communicate with the boy is Hartmut, a fellow stargazer. Meanwhile Semir and Ben find out that Felix’s mother is seriously injured and in a coma after having...

S13 Ep11 - The Bride

Expired 3.0 88 x
The Bride - Ben’s sister Julia is abducted just after her wedding. The kidnappers demand a ransom of 2 million Euros from Julia’s father. Semir and Ben, acting on their own initiative, try to free Julia in a gripping race against time, which could end fatally for Ben’s sister. Yet it turns out the gangsters are not only after the ransom money, they have an additional motive - to cover up a murder committed four years previously. (From Germany, in German) (Drama Series) M(A,L)