All Saints


Season 1 episode 30

4.6 458 x
Terri fills in as Assistant Director of Nursing for the day, leaving Steph responsible for Ward 17. Richard forces Bron into making a huge sacrifice.
Episodes 2016

Season 12, episode 3

3.6 204 x
It's the first day of operations for the new Medical Response Unit, and they're in danger of losing their first patients.

Season 12, episode 1

4.3 131 x
A boating accident in a remote river location has left four people injured and stranded without medical help.

Season 12, episode 17

4.0 95 x
Frank is forced to make a decision about his future. Amy gets some home truths from a patient with a rare infection and a broken heart.

Season 12, episode 16

3.0 96 x
The MRU find their lives in danger, when Ian returns on a mission to win Claire back and get Steve out of the picture once and for all.

Season 12, episode 15

4.0 97 x
A life threatening rescue in a grain silo appears to be the straw that finally breaks invincible Jo.

Season 12, episode 14

4.0 83 x
A devastating bus crash impacts heavily on our MRU team. Adam's past affects his treatment of a mentally ill patient. Von becomes the meat in the sandwich between Adam and his mother.

Season 12, episode 13

3.0 57 x
Bart has to think outside the square to help a well travelled patient who is suffering from a mysterious infection.

Season 12, episode 12

3.0 82 x
Steve's anger at being unable to help Claire creates tension with his workmates and patients.

Season 12, episode 11

3.0 75 x
When Steve calls in sick, Mike and Jo have to crew the MRU Unit alone and find themselves put to the test.