Alone Denmark

December 2021

S1 Ep1

4.0 11 x
In this extreme survival experiment, 10 Danes are dropped off in the Norwegian wilderness to test how long people can survive on their own. In total isolation and with a minimum of aids, they must film their own fight against hunger, the cold, the rugged nature and not the least themselves! The goal is to survive for as lo...

S1 Ep10

3.0 7 x
With just two participants left, the last days in the wilderness are a battle of raw willpower. Who will press the button first?

S1 Ep2

4.0 3 x
All participants got through the first day. But can they also make it through the next? And the next? Now the game starts to get real.

S1 Ep3

3.0 6 x
The first days have passed, and the situation in the wilderness looks very different for the participants. Some are doing very well, while others are already affected by hunger, the cold and loneliness.

S1 Ep4

4.0 5 x
A storm hits the wilderness and the participants spend time and energy on their shelters. But it's hard to work on an empty stomach and both hunger and loneliness start playing tricks on most of them. Will we lose more participant today?

S1 Ep5

4.0 2 x
The isolation and loneliness will become a critical for several of the participants in this episode. Who will cave in?

S1 Ep6

3.0 3 x
Several of the participants are now suffering severely from hunger, and eliminations are starting to add up quickly.

S1 Ep7

4.0 3 x
It's getting colder and participants are struggling to find food. They invent new creative ways to satisfy their hunger.

S1 Ep8

3.0 8 x
Only the strongest participants are now left in the wilderness but even the strongest person has no defence against isolation and homesickness.

S1 Ep9

3.0 4 x
We are approaching Day 30 and the last participants have to use every last bit of endurance to keep them from pressing the button.