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Falling In Love Maastricht 48:41

Falling In Love Maastricht

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Is there a more beautiful feeling in life? When you fall in love your cheeks flush, your heart beats faster and your head starts spinning, but you are as happy as one can be. According to Andre, whenever he looks at the audience during his concerts, he gets the feeling that everybody is i...
April 18, 2016 54:41

April 18, 2016

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It's a declaration of love to perhaps the most beautiful city in the world. In November in 2014, André Rieu releases his new album, "Love in Venice". Fans of the most successful violinist of modern times can look forward to a popular selection of the most well-known Italian melodies, incl...
March 28, 2016 51:59

March 28, 2016

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Affectionately known as "The King of Waltz", André performs a series of concerts in his home town of Maastricht, in The Netherlands every year, which are always André's most popular concerts of the year. (From the Netherlands, in Dutch & English) (Arts) (Music) CC
April 25, 2016 1:29:16

April 25, 2016

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From an early age, Andre Rieu knew there was something magical about waltz music. Defining this magic and making it accessible for everyone became his life's mission so he was crowned by his audiences as 'King of the Waltz'. Magic of the Waltz presents the most beautiful and enchanting wa...
March 7, 2016 1:23:58

March 7, 2016

Expired 3.0 4 x
Central to everything that André Rieu does - touring, recording, composing - has always been the Violin. "Magic of the Violin" features 18 unforgettable, uplifting melodies, personally selected, compiled and of course, played by Andre himself, accompanied by his own Johann Strauss Orchest...
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