Episode 1 (Happily Ever After)

4.0 64 x
A teenage Gypsy couple from New York find themselves alone for the first time at their wedding in the premiere of this series, which explores what life is like in the first several months of an arranged marriage.

Episode 8 (Wheres The Love?)

3.0 35 x
Ben and Vicki seek an exemption from their rabbi to start a family; Mayur forbids Maneka from going out to social events; Taylor and David seek help from their pastor to avoid a divorce.

Episode 1 (Estranged Arrangement)

4.0 43 x
Taylor and David risk the wrath of their mothers; Vicki and Ben struggle with a Jewish Orthodox rule; Maneka and Mayur clash when their priest declares that she will be his property once the vows are exchanged.

Episode 10 (In A Family Way)

4.0 53 x
About to graduate, Ben and Vicki have to make the difficult decision about whether to move home to Seattle; Maneka fears the worst when Mayur becomes distant; David finds out that Taylor will be stationed in Fort Worth, Texas, much to his relief.

Episode 4 (Fort Worth Face-Off)

3.0 47 x
Mayur refuses to take part in the traditional first dance; Ben and Vicki begin their wedding preparations; David asks Taylor to sit down with her mother-in-law Melba.

Episode 5 (Did I Marry a Man-Child?)

3.0 48 x
Ben and Vicky's newlywed glow is short-lived when they must deal with the realities of living together; David's plans to move out of the trailer hit a road-block when Taylor reveals a shocking secret; Maneka has a surprise of her own.

Episode 3 (Cold Feet Hot Tempers)

3.0 36 x
Maneka gets cold feet the week before her wedding; Ben shows a new side to Vicki when he questions her use of social media at her Orthodox bridal shower; the honeymoon is over for David when Taylor spends the night at Trisha's.

Episode 2 (Wedding Warfare)

4.0 41 x
Taylor warns her "monster-in-law" Melba not to cause trouble on her wedding day; Mayur disrespects Maneka in front of his friends; Vicki and Ben have their first big fight when it comes to deciding where they will live after the wedding.
Episodes 2016

Ep 16 Who's Pregnant?

3.0 67 x
Meghan decides to take a break from Josh. Christian and Maria's 1st anniversary party causes conflict for Peter. Ragini gets the results of her fertility test and one couple gets the surprise of a lifetime...

Ep 15 The Party's Over

3.0 51 x
Jealousy spoils Meghan's dinner party when Josh gets suspicious of her new friend from work. Peter's forbidden relationship finally catches up with him leading to an explosive confrontation with Nina.