Australia Come Fly With Me


S1 Ep3

4.0 24 x
This episode looks at globetrotting migrants, Australia’s love affair with Bali, flying billboards for Aboriginal Australia’s genius, and how the COVID-19 pandemic has become aviation’s greatest challenge in a century.

S1 Ep2

3.0 30 x
As Australia reaches 100 years of air travel, Justine Clarke sets off to discover a turbulent history that’s also the story of modern Australia. Justine meets air hostesses, pilots and stewards of the 1960s and ‘70s - including those called ‘old boilers’ who fought for equality.

S1 Ep1

4.0 43 x
Justine Clarke tastes the dangers of flying in the 1920s, discovers how daredevil aviators lifted the spirits of Australians bereft by war, and measures herself against the demanding standards of the first airline hostesses.