Australian Biography

September 2015

Ep8 - Noel Tovey

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Noel Tovey - An intensely moving interview with choreographer and director Noel Tovey. Considering the horror of his childhood, it's amazing that Noel Tovey survived at all. In Pentridge Jail at age 17, he contemplated suicide, but the voices of his ancestors prevented him and helped turn his life around and Noel pursued h...

Ep7 - May O'brien

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May O’Brien - Educator and writer, May O’Brien discusses her life, from her removal to Mount Margaret Aboriginal Mission as a child, to her work as a teacher at that same school. (From Australia) (Documentary) (Rpt) PG CC
June 2015

Ep6 - Bill Harney

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Bill Harney - Robin Hughes talks with Aboriginal elder Bill Harney, born to a Wardaman Aboriginal woman and a white father. As a half cast child, he was darkened with charcoal in order to avoid being "removed" as his sister had been. In this program he talks about his life and times in the Top End, broaching such subjects...
May 2015

Ep5 - Charles Perkins

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Short Synopsis Aboriginal Activist Charles Perkins Talks About His Fight To Defend Aboriginal Interests In Changing Political Circumstances.

Ep4 - Jimmy Little

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Jimmy Little is an artist who comes from a long line of entertainers. He gave himself to music at the age of 13 when he lost his mother to tetanus. He used music as therapy for the sorrow he felt.

Ep3 - Rosalie Kunoth: Monks - Aboriginal Activist

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Ep 28 04 Interview With Rosalie Kunoth-Monks Aboriginal Activist

Ep2 - Faith Bandler

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Fatih Bandler - Civil rights activist, Born 1920, During the 1950s, she became involved in the peace movement, and in 1956 was instrumental in setting up the Australian Aboriginal Fellowship.
April 2015

Ep1 - Neville Bonner

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Short Storyline: The Life Of Neville Bonner The First Aboriginal To Enter The Australian Federal Parliament.