Australian Supercross Championships

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It's the most exciting and action-packed night of racing in Melbourne, as the best riders from around the world battle it out.
The Australian Supercross Championship make their second stop of the season at McDonald Jones Stadium in Newcastle, NSW
Chad Reed's in town as the 2023 season kicks off from the Adelaide Entertainment Centre
Dive into the awe-inspiring journey of Amercian Supercross legend Justin Brayton as he aims to etch his name into the record books by securing an unprecedented fifth consecutive Australian Supercross Championship
Explore the inspiring story of Japan's Haruki Yokoyama, a talented young rider hailing from Tokyo, who embarks on a remarkable journey to learn and master the craft of Supercross in Australia
The focus shifts to the emergence of a new generation of talented riders, with the spotlight shining on rising star, CDR Yamaha’s Aaron Tanti
The Australian dirt bike sensation, Jett Lawrence, and his journey to the top. This episode provides an inside look at Jett's early career and perfectly predicts his current success in America, where he is a 2 x 250 motocross champion and 2 x 250 Supercross champion.
Experience the thrilling matchup between Justin Brayton and Luke Clout at the 2019 Melbourne S-X Open event! Watch as they battle it out in a race to the finish, in one of the most intense Supercross events of the season.
This episode follows newly recruited CDR Yamaha rider, Josh Hill, as he returns to the Australian Supercross Championship for the first time since 2013.
Go behind the scenes into the lives of Supercross athletes as they contest the heart-pounding 2022 Fox Australian Supercross Championship
Privateer journeymen Jackson Richardson and Jesse Dobson outline the struggles of a self-funded effort, along with experiencing the inevitable ups and downs that come with the sport of supercross.
Go behind the scenes of the Premier team in Australia, CDR Yamaha Monster Energy, highlighting how team boss and Australia Supercross legend Craig Dack handles having two of the strongest personalities i the sport, Luke Clout and Dan Reardon.
With the Supercross season in Australia looming, the Aussies are gearing up for the Australian Supercross Championship and in particular the grand finale, the Monster Energy AUS-X Open Melbourne on November 30.
In this episode of Supercross Life, we delve into the demanding and unforgiving world of Supercross racing, focusing on the incredible journey of CDR Yamaha’s Luke Clout as he confronts the brutal realities of the sport.
Episodes 2022
The Australian Supercross Championship makes its final stop in Wagga Wagga, NSW to decide the champions for the 2022 season
The Australian Supercross Championship heads to Newcastle for the penultimate round of the season at McDonald Jones Stadium