June 2017

Wed 14 Jun, Notorious BIG

3.0 6 x
Famous rapper Notorious BIG was gunned down on the streets of Los Angeles. Using information from the autopsy and police files, Dr Michael Hunter investigates the motive and the identity of the killer.

Wed 7 Jun, Jimi Hendrix

3.0 7 x
Medical Examiner Dr Michael Hunter re-examines Jimi Hendrix's death to cut through claims and counter claims and, using the medical evidence, determines precisely how he died.
April 2017

Thu 6 Apr, John Belushi

3.0 19 x
Using information revealed in John Belushi's autopsy report, Dr Michael Hunter investigates his final days and hours to reveal the cause of his death.
March 2017

Wed 22 Mar, Jim Morrison

4.0 10 x
Dr Michael Hunter re-opens the file on the death of Jim Morrison, frontman for The Doors.

Thu 9 Mar, Maurice Gibb

3.0 12 x
According to witnesses Maurice Gibb's death came out of nowhere. So why he went from healthy to dead in four days is a mystery. Now, Dr Michael Hunter investigates the forensic evidence.

Thu 2 Mar, Joan Rivers

4.0 12 x
Dr Jason Payne James investigates the last days of Joan Rivers, who passed away after a routine, low-risk cosmetic surgery procedure went tragically wrong.
February 2017

Amy Winehouse, Thu 16 Feb

3.0 22 x
Using information revealed by her autopsy, testimony heard at the inquest and eyewitness accounts, Dr Jason Payne James investigates the last days of Amy Winehouse.

Heath Ledger, Mon 13 Feb

4.0 11 x
Using the evidence of his post-mortem exam, together with the testimony of friends and colleagues, Dr Jason Payne James investigates the final hours of Heath Ledger.
January 2016

Sun 10 Jan, The Last Days of George Best

3.0 82 x
Alongside medical testimony, this program explores the events that led to the untimely death of Manchester United football player George Best.

Sun 3 Jan, Last Days of Liberace

3.0 51 x
Dr Richard Shepherd takes a look at the death of American entertainer Liberace.
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