Autopsy catch up



4.8 261 x
Dr Michael Hunter will analyse Prince's medical history to uncover the possible reasons for his untimely death.

Kurt Cobain

4.7 111 x
Over 20 years, controversy raged over Kurt's death, with many claiming he had taken too much heroin to have shot himself.

Donda West

3.0 82 x
An autopsy on the body of Donda West, mother of hip-hop mogul Kanye West, was ruled inconclusive in the toxicology tests.

Season 2 Episode 6

2.5 66 x
For more than forty years controversy has surrounded Bruce Lee's death, with numerous theories emerging as to what might have caused his death.

Wed 23 Aug, Gary Coleman

3.0 76 x
At the height of his fame, he was plagued by health problems, and when his career stalled he hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons. On May 28th, 2010, Gary Coleman died in mysterious circumstances.

Wed 16 Aug, Patrick Swayze

3.0 109 x
Forensic pathologist Dr Michael Hunter will examine Patrick's extensive medical records to unravel the truth surrounding his death and will attempt to reveal what really happened to this huge star.

Wed 9 Aug, Don Cornelius

4.0 40 x
Medical examiner Dr Michael Hunter is taking a fresh look at the death of Soul Train creator Don Cornelius, an icon who inspired generations.

Wed 19 Jul, Rodney King

4.0 59 x
A look at the death of Rodney King, whose beating by police officers inspires the infamous LA riots. He was found by his wife face down in his own swimming pool, despite being fit and a good swimmer.

Wed 28 Jun, Phil Hartman

3.0 63 x
Dr Michael Hunter investigates the tragic and untimely death of comedian and actor Phil Hartman.

Wed 14 Jun, Notorious BIG

3.0 59 x
Famous rapper Notorious BIG was gunned down on the streets of Los Angeles. Using information from the autopsy and police files, Dr Michael Hunter investigates the motive and the identity of the killer.