Autopsy USA


6. Andy Kaufman

3.0 104 x
Andy Kaufman's death from a rare form of lung cancer at age 35 is examined. Kaufman's declarations to his friends that he was going to fake his own death one day.
Episodes 2019

15. George Harrison

Expired 4.0 153 x
George Harrison, former Beatle died in 2001 after a short battle with lung cancer is examined.
Episodes 2018

S2 E4 - Casey Kasem

Expired 4.0 72 x
Radio legend Casey Kasem passed age 82 in June 2014 with severe dementia. That night his wife removed him from the facility against medical advice.

S2 E7 - Judy Garland

Expired 4.5 95 x
Not long after her wedding to fifth husband Mickey Deans, on June 22, 1969, Judy Garland was discovered dead in her bathroom, sparking rumour and speculation.