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Relationships continue to be tested, with more couples considering leaving the beach. Love continues to blossom at the first-ever Paradise wedding.

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Season 9
After a season of romance, time is running out! Only one rose ceremony is standing between the remaining couples and the end of paradise. The beachgoers feel pressure to lock in their connections.
Kat and Tanner discuss their future while Blake and Jess are left to navigate uncharted waters. Later, new love triangles are formed.
A new bombshell arrives, Kat's birthday goes awry, and a raunchy game of truth or dare tests the couples' strength.
Charming new hopefuls John Henry and John B arrive, potentially breaking up one or more solid couples. Meanwhile, Sam tries to recover from her urgent medical issue.
Tyler and Tanner arrive on the beach, and all bets are off. Meanwhile, Sam must bypass her urgent medical issue or she'll have to leave the beach.
Aven's arrival shakes up the beaches of Paradise, and Eliza finds herself in a situation she knows all too well. Plus, Hannah Brown rocks the beach.
It's almost paradise! Nearly a year since the last tropical rendezvous, Bachelor in Paradise returns with a cast of standouts and fan favorites.
Michael's arrival signals a potential change in the tides for Olivia. A new wave of arrivals is ready to turn on the charm and turn up the heat in Paradise.
With the men handing out roses, tensions are high. Several women vie for one man's heart; a love triangle is set for shipwreck while surprising exits and arrivals rock the beach.
Season 8
It’s a night full of shocking confessions, surprises and special guests, as the cast reunites for the first time since Paradise to rehash this season’s most dramatic moments.
After a season full of twists, turns and romance like never before, it all comes down to this.
Bachelorettes Gabby and Rachel spill the tea on their former flames, and Becca and Thomas share an exciting announcement.
Three new beachgoers arrive and later, the couples get some much-needed one-on-one time to discuss their futures as the end of Paradise.
After returning from her date with Hayden, Kate weighs her options with Logan and decides which relationship to pursue.
As a wave of new arrivals hand out date cards, more than one couple will find themselves questioning everything.
A rose ceremony with the women in charge has some men rethinking their place, and a series of dates shakes things up even more.
Paradise’s original couples reunite on the sand, where each learns if their relationship survived the week apart.
Rodney confesses to having found a better match, Logan is torn between women, and a lovestruck Johnny escapes temptation. Back at the hotel, emotions are higher than ever.
As the women pack their bags and prepare for an uncertain future, five new beach babes dive right in to get to know the men.