Back RoadsSeason 8, Episode 14 - Leonora, Wa

Back Roads

Back Roads is an Australian documentary series about regional towns all over Australia. It follows political journalist Heather Ewart as she visits remote towns and regions, and tells the stories of their fascinating communities. These locations range from Nullarbor frontier town Ceduna on the Great Australian Bight and western Queensland Town Winton to laid-back paradise Thursday Island and tiny outback town White Cliffs, which is known for opal mining and underground dugouts. Back Roads has repeatedly been praised for the way in which it manages to show the vastly different lifestyles and environments that exist across the Australian continent. As part of the Back Roads Digital Project, the show's producers also launched a call-out to all regional communities to show them the best places and people from where they live by contributing to the new user-generated-content initiative ?y Back Roads?