Backyard Science

May 2018

Season 1, Episode 43

4.0 5 x
Test how steady your hand is with an electric game of complete circuitry; create your own construction site built on firm foundations; make a wet and wild water wheel and see what's cooking in our own homemade oven.

Season 1, Episode 42

4.0 3 x
Nabbing a canine culprit with a clever tracking device; stepping into the dark with our feline friends; seeing the colours of the rainbow in bubbles; finding out what makes bread rise and a spraying fountain made from straws.

Season 1, Episode 41

4.0 5 x
Lift heavy objects using cogs and pulleys; why good connections make your torch work; what makes blocks of ice float; how to tell when an egg's rotten and when it's fit to eat, and find out how insects can walk on water!
April 2018

Season 1, Episode 40

4.0 3 x
Build a backyard barometer; construct a bug catcher; turn eggs into daring thrill seekers; make a magnet to show where to put your plants; conceal secrets with invisible writing, and funny funnels that roll uphill-or do they?

Season 1, Episode 39

4.0 5 x
Build a backyard roller coaster; a cunning trick to avoid having baths; make your own paint; perform bypass surgery with a home-made heart and how leaves conceal their autumn colours during spring and summer.
March 2018

Season 1, Episode 38

3.0 4 x
See how quickly rubbish degrades; make a cup go invisible; how stretching a rubber balloon can warm it up; make a coin dance on top of a bottle; what makes your knuckles pop, and print a work of art using mashed up petals.

Season 1, Episode 37

3.0 8 x
Create a robotic arm from cardboard and drinking straws; turn the world upside down with a magnifying glass; how to make salt water worth drinking; "see" sound on a homemade stage and play music on a common garden hose!

Season 1, Episode 36

4.0 4 x
Make a paper helicopter; make levitation a reality; how to get someone's attention by testing their knee jerk reactions; why it's hard to recognise people from the corner of your eye, and why water changes your fingers.

Season 1, Episode 35

3.0 3 x
Build a leaning tower of pasta; a straw that doesn't work; discover the power of bicycle gears; what happens when a whale spouts like a geyser; discover what to do if you're in a thunderstorm, and work out the age of a tree!
February 2018

Season 1, Episode 33

3.0 6 x
How worms turn bad soil good; use yeast to blow up a balloon; how to break a ruler with a single sheet of newspaper; turn steel wool into a heat machine in a bottle, and why plant stems grow both up and down.