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Bea's Block

When Priya isn't chosen to bring home the class pet, Bea and Lexi create an unforgettable animal adventure to cheer up their disappointed friend.

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Season 1
Ty's feelings are hurt when Megan says he can't play his favorite superhero because of his skin color.
When Danny is too nervous to sing a song in front of his class, Bea, Ty, and Lexi figure out techniques to help Danny sing in front of others.
Bea, Ty, and Lexi act like detectives to help their new neighbor, Priya, find her lost puppets.
Lexi and Ty can't agree on the best pizza toppings, so they have a pizza competition that quickly gets heated.
Bea and her friends go to Sam's house for a campout sleepover, but when it gets dark, Sam gets nervous about sleeping outside.
Bea forgets to get a blockysaur book for Ricky at the library, so she and her friends create a story of their own for him.
Lexi is excited to show her friends her new parrot, Mr. Talky, but becomes upset when he doesn't talk to her.
It's Teacher Appreciation Day, and the kids need to figure out how to show their appreciation for their teacher, Mr. K!
Sam can't stay awake long enough to celebrate the Moon Festival, so Bea and Lexi play games to help keep him awake!
When Bea hurts her arm, Lexi, Priya, and Ty figure out a way for her to still play her guitar in their backyard talent show!
Sam leads a series of games to help Danny and Bea learn to count to five in Mandarin.
Lexi's worried about making mistakes in gymnastics, so Bea and Priya practice with Lexi and help her realize she just has to have fun!
Bea and Lexi both lose a tooth and can't figure out if the Tooth Fairy or El Ratoncito will visit.
Ty and Priya can't agree on the best way to play pirates, so Bea combines their methods to find the pirate treasure!
Sam's nervous about his first dinner with another family. Bea and Priya help Sam practice to make him more comfortable.
Bea has a hard time waiting for her birthday. Ty and Lexi try to distract her and Bea finally learns how to be patient and wait.
When Lexi's Backyard Block Games are too hard for Ricky, they alter the games so everybody can play and win!
Bea is sad when Luisa has to cancel their mini golf playdate, so Danny and Lexi work together to try and make her feel better.
Sam and Bea try to make a TV show, but when they end up with mostly bloopers, Sam turns them into a show.