Beautiful People

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Season 1
Upset with Nicky's reluctance to publicly acknowledge their relationship, Sophie chooses to square off against him and his friends in a class project.
As Nicholas pull some strings to get into a photography class with Sophie, Lynn learns the truth about how she landed a job with a prominent fashion designer.
Upon arriving NY ready to start a new life, teenager Sophie Kerr is introduced to a clique of wealthy and popular students whose control over their prestigious prep school makes it hard to fit in.
With Karen on pins and needles as the results of the modeling contest are about to be announced, Lynn is troubled by what she learns about both Maddy and Chris.
As Karen's chances at having a serious modeling career create friction with Ben, Lynn worries about the prospect of dating a younger man as she and Maddy struggle to launch their new venture.
As a fun-loving young accountant woos Lynn, Sophie worries after walking in to see Chris being beaten by a vengeful loan shark.
As a class ski trip exposes the truth behind Chris's secretive behavior, Lynn's new business and Karen's new romance are set on a collision course.
With the custody hearing looming, an eviction notice forces Lynn to look for a new place for her and her daughters to live, while Karen falls for a handsome and wealthy suitor.
While a snow day party fuels the growing mistrust between Sophie and Nicky, Karen secretly pockets Ben's invitation to a supermodel's engagement party, Lynn is faced with having to make a decision.
As Sophie deals with her divided loyalties in her parents' custody battle, Karen gets a job with a demanding and difficult fashion photographer, while Gideon decides to give romance a try.
Amid a looming custody battle with her ex-husband, Lynn finds herself under fire for rekindling her romance with Julian.
As Karen returns home and Sophie juggles two invitations to a school formal, Lynn must to choose between work and family.
A photography contest that pits Sophie against Annabelle exposes Gideon's strained relationship with his dad.
A weekend at the Fiske's Hamptons estate turns ugly, threatening the Kerr's already fragile social standing.
As Lynn is sent to Chicago to take charge at an important fashion show, Karen calls Sophie for help when she gets stranded far from work and home.
An invitation to be Nicky's date for a glamorous charity event turns sour when Sophie learns of the bet he made with his friends.