Below Deck

September 2019

Episode 11 (Bosun Blues)

3.0 67 x
Captain Lee reprimands the crew for damaging a very expensive piece of the boat; Nico confronts Kelley; Dean Slover returns for a third charter trip; Kelley's managerial skills are put to the test when Dean throws a curve ball.

Episode 9 (The Sea Was Angry)

4.0 23 x
While the crew welcomes aboard a new group of charter guests, Ben and Kate clash over miscommunication; Emily gets upset after Ben embarrasses her; Kelley is unable to manage his team, putting the guests' safety in jeopardy.

Episode 8 (One Less Fish In The Sea)

3.0 10 x
Kelley becomes angry with Sierra; Emily and Ben enjoy a night out; things heat up between Kate and the exterior crew; Kyle and Sierra go on a date but things don't go as planned.

Episode 7 (Decent Proposal)

4.0 5 x
Kate says goodbye to her girlfriend; Ben makes a heartfelt gesture to a crew member; the Valor crew must prepare the perfect surprise engagement dinner for two guests; Kelley loses control of his deck team.

Episode 6 (The One Where The Charter Guests Almost Die)

3.0 16 x
Captain Lee grows increasingly frustrated with Kelley after a series of missteps; Kate is surprised by a visitor; a boating accident leaves the lives of the charter guests hanging in the balance.
January 2018

Episode 15 (Reunion (Part 1))

3.0 78 x
Kate and Amy attack Rocky's work ethic; Eddie divulges his personal drama; Emile reveals how he handled Rocky's rejection; Deckhand Don returns; Captain Lee explains why he let Chef Leon go; Kate's accused of drinking on the job.

Episode 13 (Dirty Laundry)

3.0 51 x
Rocky struggles to maintain her composure as her frustrations mounts; Ben impresses the charter guests with a steakhouse-style dinner; Rocky reveals details about her secret affair with Eddie to Amy and Emile.
December 2017

Episode 11 (What Took You So Long?)

4.0 47 x
Captain Lee grills the crew to find out the cause of the galley fire, and his inquiry leads to a dismissal; Rocky dives off the boat in a fit of rebellion; the crew bands together to create a birthday celebration for a charter guest.

Episode 8 (Storm's A Comin')

4.0 49 x
Emile is irked when Rocky publicizes the status of their relationship; the charter guests request a multi-course tasting menu; Leon's failure to order provisions puts the meal in jeopardy as well as the crew's tip.
November 2017

Episode 6 (I'm Ironing the Captain's Shorts)

3.0 30 x
After their date, Emile is dismayed to learn Rocky wants to be friends; Kate fails to supply a special bottle of tequila for the guests; a new deckhand arrives; Eddie is distracted from his duties, putting him on thin ice with the captain.