Better Homes and Gardens

September 2020

Episode 33

3.0 27 x
Johanna and Charlie are teaming up to give a tired garden and deck a spring makeover. Karen’s cooking up an easy spring dinner that’s as healthy as it is flavourful. Dr Harry visits Simba the goat.

Episode 32

3.0 53 x
Ed makes some veggie bao buns. Melissa shows you how to grow veggies and herbs, even if you have no space at all. Dr Harry meets a labradoodle thatt keeps stealing socks.

Episode 31

3.5 48 x
Joh visits Manu Fieldel & his wife Clarissa to see what dinner time is like in their household. Adam shows you how to make an old-fashioned pencil break. Ed cooks a lamb roast on the barbie for dads.
August 2020

Episode 30

3.0 72 x
Joh, Adam and Charlie team up to build a home extension with a difference. Ed makes a rump roast with creamy greens. Dr Harry meets some dogs who are helping to save injured koalas.

Episode 29

2.5 84 x
Joh meets the team behind Stagekings, who have gone from making performance stages to office furniture. Adam makes a timber bath mat. Ed makes crispy baby calamari with spicy carrot ttzatziki.

Episode 28

3.8 95 x
Tara shows you how to get started in weaving. Charlie chats to a bromeliad expert to find out the best way to keep them happy and healthy. Dr Harry helps a cocker spaniel with vision issues.

Episode 27

4.5 80 x
Karen makes wok-fried crispy eggs. Graham does a walk-around of Ooralba Estate Gardens. Dr Harry helps a family trying to worm their birds, as well as deal with a minature pony that keeps stealing.

Episode 26

3.5 84 x
Joh meets a couple who converted a run-down old church into a home. Adam createst a stylish serving tray. Charlie shows you how to help your succulents thrive now and into the future.
July 2020

Episode 25

4.5 94 x
Joh visits the home of Farmer Wants A Wife host Natalie Gruzlewski. Charlie and Adam are teaming up to turn a whole lot of old stuff into something brand new and unique. Ed makes chicken and chips.

Episode 24

3.3 107 x
Joh and Adam team up to show how you can renovate your own bathroom. Tara creates some eco-friendly dyes. Dr Harry tries to help a poodle who pulls on its lead and runs off when unleashed.