Better Homes and Gardens

December 2017

Season 14 Episode 1

3.7 177 x
Joh visits a sustainable housing development that's less than two hours from Melbourne. Adam shows you the most important things to prep ahead of a road trip. Fast Ed makes cherry pies in mason jars.

Karen's Baked BBQ Ocean Trout

4.0 33 x
Karen’s making a fish dish that can be cooked on the barbie in less than 20 min, served with a spiced yoghurt dressing.
November 2017

Season 23 Episode 43

4.0 87 x
Joh travels to the Hunter Valley. Karen makes a dark chocolate cake. Graham visits a fruit farm near Mission Beach.

Season 23 Episode 42

3.0 73 x
Joh and Pete visit Camino House in Perth. Adam restores his parents deck. Graham profiles frangipanis.

Season 23 Episode 41

3.0 47 x
Joh shares Christmas budgeting tips. Adam and Jason build a pavilion. Karen makes a poke bowl. Tara visits Halcyon House.

Season 23 Episode 40

4.5 51 x
Better Homes and Gardens are donning their best for the race that stops a nation, celebrating all things Melbourne Cup!

Season 23 Episode 40

4.0 23 x
It's the lead up to the races that stop the world, and to celebrate we've got a whole range of race-day activities planned!
October 2017

Season 23 Episode 39

4.5 55 x
Joh sees a new side of illusionist Cosentino. Dr Harry meets the Australian Light Horsemen. Karen goes to Norfolk Island.

Season 23 Episode 38

4.0 56 x
Joh, Pete and Jason visit an amazing home with a private beach and Dr Harry visits an Instagram-famous bulldog.

Season 23 Episode 37

4.0 52 x
Joh, Adam, Tara, Graham and Sarah follow families who have been building granny flats on a budget. Dr Harry meets some SES volunteers who rescue animals. Karen makes banana and sweet potato loaf.