Better Homes and Gardens

September 2017

Season 23 Episode 34

3.0 24 x
Learn how dual occupancy homes can help make the most of space while Adam makes a table into a work of art.

Season 23 Episode 33

3.0 24 x
Joh and Adam head to the National Wordskills Competition. Dr Harry checks out The Man From Snowy River Bush Festival.

Season 23, Episode 32

4.0 13 x
Joh, Jason and Ed go behind the scenes at AgQuip, Australia's biggest agricultural event. Adam shows how easy it can be to replace an old fence with a new one.

Season 23, Episode 31

2.0 17 x
The team gets together to makeover the home of a very deserving family. Karen makes a spring ham hock minestrone. Fast Ed makes Tomahawk Steak with candied onion and brandy gravy.
August 2017

Season 23, Episode 30

4.0 17 x
With property prices around Australia still at an all-time high, many families are looking for clever ways to maximise the space they have and even generate some extra income on the side.

Season 23, Episode 29

4.0 42 x
It’s almost springtime and to celebrate, the whole Better Homes and Gardens team are getting in the spring-cleaning spirit! We’re sharing some great ideas to help you de-clutter and cleanse your home, pantry and garden – so you can...

Season 23, Episode 28

3.0 26 x
Ed and Tara go on an epic road trip to Queensland's Southern Downs. Adam shows you how to make a rustic coffee table. Graham travels to Beatrix Potter's home in England's stunning Lake District.

Season 23, Episode 27

3.0 33 x
Joh visits some small-scale homes that make the idea of your mortgage paying itself off a reality. Dr Harry goes behind the scenes of the NSW Mounted Police. Karen makes a seared lamb back strap.
July 2017

Season 23, Episode 26

4.5 27 x
If you’re after the newest, the most cutting-edge, and the most innovative, then Better Homes and Gardens is where it’s at! This week, the team are taking a look at what’s new in interior design, gardening, DIY, food and more.

Season 23, Episode 25

4.0 34 x
Joh catches up with Georgie Parker and Todd McKenney ahead of their Duets tour, and stops by Todd's place. Adam turns an odd-shaped space into a great bit of storage.