Better Homes and Gardens

April 2022

April 25, 2022

73 x
Melissa visits the home and garden of acclaimed landscape architect, Natasha Morgan and gets a flower arranging lesson.

April 25, 2022

48 x
Charlie’s here to show you a few simple, but smart options that will give you a whole new garden.

April 15, 2022

40 x
Graham is in the picturesque Blue Mountains to visit an historic garden that’s been voted one of the country’s most beautiful.

April 15, 2022

43 x
Charlie’s sharing some tips on how to perfectly clip overgrown hedges, transplant troublesome plants and get your garden ready for the colder weather.

April 15, 2022

28 x
Graham, Melissa & Charlie are at MIFGS checking out the stunning floral fashions, boutique gardens, & the latest in landscape design.

April 15, 2022

40 x
Graham, Melissa & Charlie are at MIFGS checking out the stunning floral fashions, boutique gardens, & the latest in landscape design.
February 2022

Season 28, Episode 3

87 x
Joh meets the founder of Crop Swap Australia, a food sharing community. Ed makes caramelised rosemary and cardamom custard. Julie gives flatpack furniture a makeover.

Season 28, Episode 2

53 x
Joh hangs out with a hat designer. Ed makes a chocolate lovers cake. Dr Harry helps a woman with territorial geese.

Season 28, Episode 1

175 x
Joh and Charlie visit Rosedale Farm and give you some home styling tips, Adam renovates a home entry area. Karen makes red braised pork. Ed makes chicken lo mein.
November 2021

Season 27, Episode 43

110 x
Joh and Harry do a walkaround of Huggins Hill Farm. Charlie and Juliet design an outdoor entertainment area. Adam and Sam show you how you can build your own gym equipment.

Season 27, Episode 42

123 x
Joh meets a woman who has built luxury accomodation using reclaimed materials. Melissa and Adam turn an everyday entryway into a welcoming space filled with plants. Karen makes a Thai starter.

Episode 41

120 x
Joh, Charlie and Adam redesign the backyard of BMX star Kai Sakakibara. Fast Ed makes canned carrot salad with yoghurt, garden herbs and tahini. Dr Harry revisits Gemma, a greyhound up for adoption.

Episode 40

119 x
Joh catches up with musicians Vika and Linda Bull. Adam builds a tiny toy trolley. Fast Ed makes a chive omelette ball with mushroom toast.
October 2021

Episode 39

66 x
Joh catches up with artist Elise Cameron-Smith. Adam creates some curvy shelves. Fast Ed makes a mango no-bake cheesecake tart. Dr Harry helps a dog get over a fear of the family bus.

Episode 38

68 x
Joh shows you some tips for renovating your kitchen without blowing your budget. Fast Ed cooks salt and vinegar potato tortillas. Karen makes chiko rolls. Dr Harry checks out baby animals on a farm.

Episode 37

114 x
Joh and Pete take a tour of Bunker House, a fully automated smart home. Graham showcases the frangipani. Dr. Harry visits the NSW Mounted Police Force.

Episode 36

83 x
Joh catches up with Peter Rush, an artist who makes sculptures from driftwood. Melissa visits Lambley Gardens. Karen makes saffron scones with middle eastern citrus and date jam.

Episode 35

81 x
Joh visits the home of former Olympian and SAS contestant Jana Pittman. Adam meets a teenage blacksmith. Dr. harry shares the latest news from the Australian Reptile Park.
September 2021

Episode 34

109 x
Joh and Karen visit the sustainable Daylesford Longhouse. Melissa helps spruce up your garden. Fast Ed cooks up some chilli caramel chicken wings.

Episode 33

82 x
Joh checks out an orb house in Templestowe. Graham visits a grevillea park on the outskirts of Wollongong.Fast Ed makes a scrubbie cake.