Better Homes And Gardens: Countdown To Christmas

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Better Homes And Gardens: Countdown To Christmas

Karen makes a unique chia seed pudding. Dr Harry gets a tour of The Giving Farm, an organic and sustainable farm. Juliet shows you how to make inexpensive light sconces.

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Season 20
Karen cooks a Malaysian spicy sweey chicken curry with roti. Graham visits an amazing garden at Broughton Hall. Melissa shows you a new way to press flowers.
Karen bakes a chocolate cake with coconut cream icing. Juliet upcycles jam jars into cute vases and pots. Graham visits a strawberry farm in Tasmania.
Karen cooks a tomato passata with butter beans and crispy fish. Adam makes a phone holder key ring. Joh and Pete visit a home built with rammed earth.
Joh meets wild food forager Diego Bonetto. Karen cooks a Turkish pizza. Fast Ed makes cannolis. Adam shows you how to diagnose and fix leaks.
Karen and Adam make a Christmas panettone. Joh meets Wes, a man who fundraises for his local community and St Giles, a charity for kids with disabilities. Graham shows how to droughtproof your garden.
Karen makes a banh mi burger. Melissa shows you how to grow ginger. Graham visits Corinda, a stunning house and garden overlooking Hobart's waterfront.
Joh catches up with Torres Strait Islander chef Nornie Bero. Karen cooks Thai-spiced coconut chicken rice. Adam builds a busy board for babies.
Joh and Pete visit a Mt Tambourine home which takes indoor/outdoor living to a new level. Ed makes a falafel and tahini salad. Adam builds a BBQ caddy with simple DIY skills.