Better Late Than Never

March 2018

Episode 6 (Matador Training)

4.5 337 x
The guys explore Madrid, Spain; matador lessons; flamenco dancing; an altered version of the Tomatina Festival.

Episode 4 (How Do You Say Roots in German?)

4.5 127 x
The guys head to Berlin in the hope of finding Henry's roots; they check into a communist hotel, meet a bear, visit the Berlin Wall, have a surprise run-in with Al Roker, and are treated to a special performance by David Hasselhoff.

Episode 5 (If Terry's Not Naked, Who Is?)

4.0 82 x
The guys enjoy the culture of Barcelona, Spain; tango dancing; a lunch of traditional Spanish delicacies; Terry shows Barcelona what a full moon in the middle of the day looks like; Henry bares it all as a nude model for an art class.
February 2018

Episode 3 (I'm King of the Castle)

3.0 119 x
A goat beauty contest; a stay in an uncomfortable haunted castle; an unpleasant visit to Russia.

Episode 2 (I'm A Viking!)

3.3 121 x
Challenges that aren't for the faint of heart; the world's smelliest dish; an etiquette class; George is surprised by a founding member of ABBA.
January 2018

Episode 1 (Munich)

4.3 296 x
The men go to Munich and immerse themselves in the culture, customs, and traditions of the city, including participating in Oktoberfest, visiting a nude park, and re-creating their own Julie Andrews moment in the Bavarian Alps.
October 2016

Ep 4 A Thai Goodbye

3.0 368 x
The guys arrive in Phuket, Thailand, where they participate in a water fight and celebrate Terry's birthday; Terry gets his first tattoo; William and Henry go for massages; George takes the group to watch Thai boxing.