Between Two Worlds

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Between Two Worlds

Marianne Winckler, a well-known author, goes to live in northern France to research for her new book on the subject of job insecurity.

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George’s friends on the base and Marie fight to prove his innocence, but Marie begins to doubt that George is telling the truth. Erika and Siegfried take over their father's business when he is completely discredited after a public outburst of anger and is forced to give up his office.
Marie, who has chosen to be with George and go her own way, distances herself from Erika, who is trying to cope with bad news from the doctor. Meanwhile, Mayor Strumm’s dark past is exposed to the public and George is falsely accused of a heinous crime.
Prostitution and moral decay in the once quaint Kaltenstein, alarm the priest and the mayor’s wife. Erika seems to have returned to the 'path of virtue’ but is confronted with a difficult decision. Marie plans to marry Siegfried and rejects George, but then an accident on the base changes everything.
Trouble brews when Siegfried, the Mayor's son who was lost in captivity during the war, unexpectedly returns to Kaltenstein. He is ready to marry his fiancée Marie, who has promised to be faithful to him. His sister Erika continues down an extravagance path where she falls for a slimy soldier named Bill.
Phillip’s response to Bart and Georgia’s shock revelation has left the family in disarray. Mikael discovers a death threat note aimed at Georgia. Bart and Georgia face death.
Spurred on by journalist Jane Forbes, Sophia asks Phillip if he has Danny’s heart. Softened by his deep communication with Sophia, Phillip gives Bart his blessing to announce his engagement.
Georgia meets with Welles, with a hidden police presence in tow. With public scrutiny mounting, Mikael takes Georgia and Rebecca to a private location away from the media.