Big Brother

June 2022

Episode 25

4.0 17 x
Sparks fly when the ugly truth comes out when the housemates are attached to the ‘truth pole’. With one more housemate leaving tonight, Big Brother gets it’s Top 7 housemates.

Episode 24

4.0 23 x
It’s High Stakes Week and housemates are in for luck once again as a toss of coin doubles their weekly shopping budget.

Episode 23

3.6 32 x
Big Brother’s lucky wheel spins to divide the house. While the lucky housemates feast on a luxury dinner, the unlucky housemates are in for a special surprise.

Episode 22

3.5 50 x
The housemates win their first panic room task and treated to a picnic lunch. But the happier times turn chaotic when Big Brother asks them some very direct questions.

Episode 21

3.0 25 x
After last night's events, Taras has a big target behind this back. The housemates win $340 dollars for this week's shopping budget, but $200 are left unspent as housemates fail to specify quantities.

Episode 20

3.0 27 x
Jaycee is chosen the new Head of House. After a newbie wins the nominations challenge, three big players of the game are put up for eviction.

Episode 19

4.0 34 x
Tim and Brenton form a secret alliance in the waiting room. Meanwhile, Big Brother offers them a game changing power. The housemates fail fifth Panic Room task in a row.

Episode 18

3.0 31 x
After losing one of their own, the OGs turn their attention towards taking out the intruders. Big Brother tempts the housemates with videos from home, family members and more.

Episode 17

4.0 37 x
Two housemates are stuck in the mainframe secretly planning their revenge. The cracks in OG alliance start to get deeper. The housemates must resist the temptation.

Episode 16

4.0 50 x
Aleisha and Gabbie fail the panic room task. Following which Big Brother announces as snap eviction as a punishment.