Big BrotherEpisode 25

  • Episode 25 
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Big Brother

Big Brother is a TV show on Seven. Big Brother Australia, more popularly known as simply Big Brother, is an Australian reality game show made for televison, and based on the original Dutch Big Brother format. The fundamentals of the concept are simple: in the 2020 version of Big Brother Australia, 20 people aged 19 to 62 will enter a house fitted with cameras and microphones to register every move they make and every word they speak. The Housemates will live together for six weeks, completely cut off from the outside world, and the last person to remain wins a substantial cash prize. After an absence of six years, Big Brother is back on Australian television and it's promising to be a return in style for one of the most popular reality TV formats ever created. The popular program has been available since 2023. A total of 26 episodes have been broadcast, most recently in December 2023.