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Billy the Exterminator

A haunted children's maze can't re-open until Billy clears away the many dangerous creepy crawlies that lurk behind every corner.

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Season 5
Time to get down and dirty when Billy takes on one of the grossest cockroach infestations he has ever seen!
Billy gets a call from a fencing school which is being threatened by a colony of rats. With rats hiding in every nook and cranny to pursue, he must come up with a plan to lure them out.
Billy launches a full assault to save a Marine veteran's home from a bat invasion. Then things get sticky when Billy takes a call for two stubborn and aggressive porcupines.
Billy battles a couple of peacocks that have taken over a pre-school's playground. Then, Billy and Ricky must remove a giant reticulated python from a family home.
Billy is called to catch a tenacious red fox trapped in a family playroom. Then Billy and Ricky kick it into double-time, as they are called to extract an enormous alligator turtle.
Billy takes on his first ever donkey job and it's a wild ride for Ricky and Billy as the brothers are run ragged by these wily creatures. Then Billy takes on a master escape artist - a loose rooster.
Billy goes up against two of the worst insect infestations he has ever seen - red wasps and pine beetles.
Billy and Ricky must balance atop a Baptist church as they battle a beehive consuming the brick column behind the church's wooden cross.
Billy gets caught in a cage match with an angry mama raccoon at a rehabilitation center before an emergency call out with Ricky to battle a massive beehive that has taken over a family's backyard.
Billy doesn't know what he'll find when he's called to save three young girls from "a monster" in their bedroom. Then it's off to Texas to field test a brand new alligator trap.
Billy and Ricky are on their toes, as they risk a painful demise in one of the gnarliest snake jobs ever! A house full of pit vipers threatens to take the guys down.
Chivalry is not dead as a damsel in distress pulls over her ant-infested car and enlists Billy's help with this invasive crawling menace.