Bizarre Foods With Andrew Zimmern


23. Taste Of The Tropics

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Andrew explores tropical locations closest to home: The Caribbean and the Americas. The region is melting pot of European, West African and Amerindian cultures.

22. Kalahari

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Andrew travels to South Africa and the Kalahari Desert where the food can be as exotic as the wildlife. Andrew tastes the cuisine in southern Africa, including zebra.

21. Indonesia

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Andrew visits Indonesia, a tropical paradise where modern life is still influenced by ancient rituals, and food is at the core of centuries old traditions.

20. Jamaica

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Andrew goes to Jamaica, where the food is as distinctive as the island's famous reggae music. He experiences the true flavor of this tropical paradise through traditional cuisine.

19. Fez, Morocco

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It's a menu from the Middle Ages as Andrew heads to Fez, Morocco. He tastes traditional Moroccan foods, including a dish made with camel ribs, meat pies made with pigeons and preserved meat.

18. Sardinia

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Andrew visits Sardinia, an island where people still live on distinctive, traditional foods unlike anything Andrew has ever tasted before. He experiences the true flavor of this unique culture.

17. Suriname

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Andrew ventures into the remote rainforest of Suriname, where he encounters foods he's never seen before. Andrew visits 2 villages and takes hunting trek in the jungle sample the flavors.

16. Rio De Janeiro

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Andrew visits Rio de Janeiro to go beyond the sunny beaches, glitzy nightlife and carnival, to find out what the locals really eat in this seaside city.

15. NYC: Will Work For Food

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Andrew comes back to the Big Apple, the place where he got his start in the restaurant business. Does he have the chops to keep up with busy workers churning out food in the city that never sleeps?

14. Hong Kong

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Hong Kong is a food lover's nirvana and the center for Traditional Chinese Medicine. Can Andrew eat his way to good health while feeding his hunger for some of the city's most iconic foods?