Black Comedy

July 2016

Season 2, Episode 3

3.0 231 x
There's an advertising company trying to rebrand Aboriginality, a horror movie about silent phone numbers, the Housewives of Narromine and Blakforce SCU: Special Coconut Unit. #ABCBlackComedy

Season 2, Episode 2

4.0 136 x
There's a meeting to decide on a unified Indigenous language, and things get all Goodfellas with The Elders, with two Matriarchs feuding over the lucrative rights of the 'Welcome to Country' income stream. #ABCBlackComedy
June 2016

Season 1, Episode 6

3.0 79 x
The Tiddas learn about acting and love, we pull up a seat at the Last Supper, Lillian the Cos I'm Black Woman has a run-in with a blind man, we shine a light on the love story of a Blackfella and his poker machine. (Final)

Season 1, Episode 5

3.0 79 x
There's Starblaks, the Adlays, and we meet Tatiana, the Cultural Excuse Girl a woman who will use 'culture' to get whatever she wants - be it in the boardroom or the bedroom.
May 2016

Season 1, Episode 4

3.0 100 x
We meet the Aboriginal Liberation Front, a group of radical white kids freeing their Indigenous brothers and sisters from the shackles of oppression.

Season 1, Episode 3

3.0 81 x
Meet Tiffany, a white woman with an Indigenous boyfriend. Her attempts to identify with her partner by 'acting black' get out of hand; there's a 70s Indigenous 'blaxploitation' film; and the Tiddas try to out-eat each other.

Season 1, Episode 2

3.0 121 x
Lillian the 'Cos I'm Black' woman bumps into a young man who foolishly says sorry; the Tiddas have a shop-off and we meet Jerome, an Indigenous child with no sporting ability.

May 10, 2016

3.7 129 x
Meet some of the lively characters including the Tiddas - two of the most competitive, over the top gay Blackfellas; Mavis the mean-mouthed cleaning woman; the Housewives of Narromine and Deadly Dave who can fix anything.
March 2016

Season 2, Episode 6

3.0 204 x
Tonight we're introduced to Maloo, a pre-settlement conspiracy theorist, we meet a serial killer who refuses to kill based on skin colour and we help the Tiddas celebrate a very special event. #ABCBlackComedy (Final)

Season 2, Episode 5

3.0 177 x
There's a computer that comes up with Aboriginal names, the Tiddas make an announcement and we visit Wandaroorah, a little town that needs Aboriginals - and will do anything to get them.