February 2017

Tue 7 Feb, season 2 episode 5

4.3 70 x
In the Johnson home, Sundays involve SAT prep and sports, so when the family is invited to church on Sunday by the neighbours, Dre goes against his instinct of always saying 'no' and agrees.

Wed 8 Feb, season 2 episode 6

3.0 202 x
Dre's nieces and nephews decide to trick-or-treat in the neighbourhood. Dre confronts his cousin June Bug, who used to bully him.

Wed 1 Feb, season 2 episode 3

4.0 42 x
After Dre gets his yearly physical and comes home traumatised, Pops explains his generation's strong aversion towards healthcare and admits that he hasn't seen a doctor in years.

Wed 1 Feb, season 2 episode 4

4.0 39 x
After another Father's Day is overshadowed by graduation parties and holidays, Dre and his colleagues come up with a holiday entitled Daddy's Day, celebrating everything Father's Day isn't.
January 2017

Wed 25 Jan, season 2 episode 1

4.0 75 x
Jack performs the song Gold Digger at a school talent show and when he sings a lyric that includes THE word, it leads to his possible expulsion from school.

Wed 25 Jan, season 2 episode 2

4.0 43 x
After a break-in down the block, Dre talks about getting a gun, and Bow is not comfortable with the idea.

Wed 18 Jan, season 1 episode 23

4.0 30 x
Liberals Dre and Bow freak out over Junior's decision to join the Young Republican Club to impress a girl. Meanwhile, Zoey gets teased about having to wear glasses.

Wed 18 Jan, season 1 episode 24

4.0 50 x
Jack and Diane learn the history of the Johnson family from Pops, who tells them a colourful story about his great-great grandfather's dealings with a ruthless gangster during the 1920s.

Wed 11 Jan, season 1 episode 20

4.0 53 x
When super cool - and white - exec Jay Sloane challenges Dre over his street cred and picks inept Charlie for a big urban market account, Dre finds himself questioning his 'blackness'.

Wed 11 Jan, season 1 episode 21

3.0 45 x
Bow encourages Dre to tell his mother what everybody else in the family already knows: that his sister, Rhonda, is gay. Meanwhile, Zoey tries to help Junior develop a better 'gaydar'.