Black Mirror

Season 3

Season 3, Episode 5 - Men Against Fire

3.0 0 x
Future soldiers Stripe and Raiman must protect frightened villagers from an infestation of vicious feral mutants. Technologically, they have the edge - but will that help them survive?

Season 3, Episode 4 - San Junipero

4.0 7 x
California, 1987: San Junipero is a fun-loving beach town synonymous with sun, surf and sex. And for recent arrivals Yorkie and Kelly, it's going to be a life-changer...

Season 3, Episode 3 - Shut Up And Dance

3.0 3 x
When withdrawn 19-year-old Kenny stumbles headlong into an online trap, he is quickly forced into an uneasy alliance with shifty Hector - both of them at the mercy of persons unknown.

Season 3, Episode 2 - Playtest

3.0 4 x
Thrill-seeking globetrotter Cooper visits Britain, hooks up with Sonja - and tests a video game so advanced, it's terrifying...

Season 3, Episode 1 - Nosedive

3.0 5 x
Insecure office worker Lacie lives in a happy, smiley, status-obsessed nightmare world. Her old friend Naomi is one of society's elites - and Lacie may have found a way to join her...

S2 Ep2 - The Waldo Moment

Expired 3.5 261 x
The Waldo Moment - Black Mirror is a hybrid of The Twilight Zone and Tales of the Unexpected which taps into our contemporary unease about our modern world. The three stand alone dramas are sharp, suspenseful, satirical tales with a techno‐paranoia bend - all audacious 'What if' stories: some comic, some shocking - but all...

S2 Ep3 - White Bear

Expired 3.0 223 x
White Bear - Every episode is a story of sci-fi and scares. Victoria wakes up and cannot remember anything about her life, and is greeted by crowds of people who won't talk to her. (From the UK) (Drama) M(V,L) CC

S2 Ep1 - Be Right Back

Expired 3.0 134 x
Be Right Back - The second series to one of the UK’s most talked about shows last year returns with another set of scary sci-fi tales. Tonight explores what would happen if there was an app to let you stay in touch with the deceased. (From the UK) (Drama) M(S,L) CC

S1 Ep3 - The Entire History Of You

3.0 203 x
The Entire History of You - A twisted parable for the Twitter age, this darkly comic series taps into our collective unease about the modern world. The final episode is set in the near future, where everyone has access to a memory implant that records everything they do, see and hear - a sort of hard drive recorder for the...

S1 Ep2 - Fifteen Million Merits

3.0 192 x
Fifteen Million Merits - A twisted parable for the Twitter age, this darkly comic series taps into our collective unease about the modern world. This episode is a satire on entertainment shows and our insatiable thirst for distraction set in a sarcastic version of a future reality. In this world, everyone is confined to a ...