BLK: An Origin Story

BLK: An Origin Story catch up

March 2023

Ep4 - John 'daddy' Hall

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Born free of an Ojibwe father and an escaped-slave mother in Upper Canada, John 'Daddy' Hall fought in the war of 1812, was captured and sold into slavery.

Ep3 - Hogan's Alley

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For many years Hogan's Alley was the heart of Vancouver's Black community; in the 1850s James Douglas invited Blacks to settle Vancouver island in an effort to stave off American annexation.

Ep2 - Little Burgundy

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Tucked between Griffintown and St. Henri in Montreal's Sud Ouest is Little Burgundy, home to a Black population led by Black men who worked in Canada's railway industry as sleeping car porters.

Ep1 - Three Epic Migrations, One People

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Descendants of the Black Loyalists, Jamaican Maroons, and the Black Refugees represent Canada's largest Black population, and their incredible story begins in Nova Scotia in the 1700s.