Border Security International


Sun 12 Mar, season 3 episode 9

4.0 68 x
Vancouver officers question a nervous traveller with some serious cash on file. In Montreal, a trampoline installer hopes to avoid the bounce around. A suspicious package drives cargo officers batty.
Episodes 2016

Wed 6 Jul, season 3 episode 25

3.0 84 x
At the baggage hall in Vancouver, CBSA detector dogs are on the hunt.

Wed 6 Jul, season 3 episode 23

3.0 36 x
In Nova Scotia, a captain sails into troubled waters when he fails to report to CBSA. Toronto officers intercept bags containing serious heat.

Wed 6 Jul, season 3 episode 26

3.0 64 x
Fruit belonging to a pair of Canadians returning from Haiti may be packed with more than nutrition.

Sun 24 Apr, season 3 episode 22

3.0 71 x
Toronto airport officers discover a suspicious bag with a fake baggage tag. Meanwhile, a box full of critters lands in the mail centre.

Sun 27 Mar, season 3 episode 21

3.0 51 x
The Halifax canine unit brings home the bacon. An American discovers she's got a friend in high places. Vancouver mail officers suspect juice pouches pack more than punch.

Sun 17 Jan, season 3 episode 20

3.0 83 x
At air cargo, officers prevent an artefact from going down in history. Meanwhile, a checkered past may interfere with an American's love connection.
Episodes 2015

Thu 1 Oct, season 3 episode 15

3.0 132 x
An airport passenger with no solid plans seeks entry for the third time in just two months. Mail centre officers make a bone-chilling discovery.

Thu 10 Sep, season 3 episode 15

3.0 79 x
In Montreal, a couple discovers their feast may not be a movable one. Officers check every wall of a truck - especially the false ones.

Thu 3 Sep, season 2015 episode 7

2.5 119 x
An American's cookies prove to be more trouble than treat.