Born To Kill?


4.Jeffrey Dahmer

3.0 3 x
Jeffrey Dahmer, like every other sociopath serial killer in history believed himself to be completely justified in his actions. Was he born to kill?

3.Myra Hindley

3.0 6 x
Can people be persuaded to kill for love? Were they crimes of passion? Interviews included with; Police, Journalist, Lawyer, Friend, victim's relatives and Author.

2.Harold Shipman

4.0 9 x
What motivated a trusted and respected GP to commit murder with no obvious motives? Interviews included with; friends, Authors, Coroner, Boss, Cellmate, Police and his Solicitor.

1.Fred West

3.0 33 x
From the 1970s to the early 1990s Fred and Rose murdered twelve people - including some of their own children - before burying their bodies in the cellar and under the patio of the family home.