Episode 13 (Double Trouble)

3.0 10 x
In this two-part story, Paul follows a hunch and orders more tests for a woman with a severely botched nose and discovers shocking news. The doctors work in tandem to get two "botched bunnies" back in centerfold shape.

Episode 12 (The Serial Filler)

3.0 13 x
Farrah Abraham visits the doctors about her blown up lips, a friend of Dr. Dubrow's seeks help for his botched stomach and Jessa hopes the doctors can help erase the physical reminders left from a fatal car accident.

Episode 11 (Say Yes To The Breasts)

4.0 15 x
Former actress Heather fought a flesh eating disease that left her with no breasts, Dr. Dubrow helps a spiritual woman who has a butt on her belly and Dr. Nassif helps a man whose doctor left a thumb print on his nose.

Episode 10 (Attack Of The 3,000CC Implants)

4.0 17 x
Dr. Dubrow takes on the biggest breast case of his career, Dr. Nassif tackles a soldiers botched nose and the doctors meet a man whose life goal is to look like a super hero.

Episode 9 (The Pec Whisperer)

4.0 28 x
The Human Doll Justin Jedlica returns to help Dr. Dubrow pump up a "pec-less" body builder, a former Miss India hopes Dr. Nassif can perfect her pig nose and the Doctors have a heart-to-heart with a woman obsessed with body modification.

Episode 8 (Knuckles And Knockers)

4.0 20 x
Dr. Dubrow tries to separate a uniboob. Dr. Nassif fights to fix a former boxer's nose. The Doctors deliver some unexpected news to actress/model Shauna Sand.

Episode 7 (House Of Horrors)

4.0 5 x
The Doctors help a woman whose nose was botched by the "House of Horrors." Tanya hopes to remove a scar that reminds her of her unborn twin. The infamous Sarah Burge visits the doctors to find eternal youth.

Episode 6 (Dolly'd Up)

4.0 43 x
A celebrity impersonator wants to fix her saggy skin, Paul helps a woman with a potentially unfixable nose, and Daniella "two spirits" Mendez wants a convertible implant for both a male and female option.

Episode 5 (Mo' Steroids Mo' Problems)

3.0 58 x
Terry helps Mo Thugs rapper Guillermo "Big Caz" Eiland and his case of "Man Boobs," a former model who got breast implants in her butt after a Mexico surgery gone bad, and a UK man with super-sized lips sees the doctors about his leaking filler.

Episode 4 (Four Leeches And A Funeral)

3.0 55 x
Reality star Dwight Eubanks says farewell to his nose with a funeral, a woman's boob job has left her with a suspicious bubble on her breast, and a busty performer gives the doctors a smashing show they'll never forget.