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Petty thug Michel considers himself a suave bad guy, but panics and impulsively kills a policeman while driving a stolen car. On the lam, he turns to his aspiring journalist girlfriend, Patricia, hiding out in her Paris apartment.
Episodes 2022
Following the deaths of his father, Daniel Lambo sets off on a quest to find the truth about the deadly asbestos industry. His search takes him to the largest asbestos waste dump in India.
Episodes 2016
Elizabeth continues to try to manage the situation with Mulligan. In so deep and unable to turn to Otto, Elizabeth comes to the desperate realisation that Mulligan might win.
In the wake of a patient's death Charlie is worried about being found guilty and being struck off. He assumes that no one, not even Otto, will defend him at the enquiry.
Episodes 2015
A fundraiser & beauty pageant at the hospital brings everyone together. Elizabeth persists in keeping her troubles from Otto; Richard & Jean put on a brave face despite the hurt that brews beneath the surface. (Final)
Otto, Charlie and Jean have a brush with the law when they attract the attention of the police whilst out on a 'special' private procedure.
Wedded bliss is short lived for Richard & Jean as they arrive back from their honeymoon to discover that Jean miscarried. He is hurt that she didn't trust him to marry her had he known there was no baby.
Join the doctors & nurses of a London gynaecology unit in the early '60s. Away from the hospital, they are fighting complex personal battles of their own.