Bride & Prejudice: The Forbidden Weddings

November 2018

Episode 12

3.5 72 x
Do Philippa's parents finally get to see the prenup the night before the wedding? Ange isn't convinced John is going to turn up to her wedding.

Episode 11

4.5 128 x
It's wedding time for couples Melissa and Aalden and Jess and Seyat. Will Fatima finally give Jess and Seyat her blessing?

Episode 10

3.0 71 x
The couples let their hair down at their bucks' and hens' parties. Then it?s time for Hank and Lily's wedding. Will Hank?s parents Terry and Margaret be there?

Episode 9

4.0 100 x
The couples continue to bring their families together. Jess and Seyat have lunch with Fatima, Sam and Jess? parents.

Episode 8

4.0 81 x
The couples bring their families together. Hank and Lily have lunch with his parents and her mother and sister. Terry accuses Lily of tearing their family apart.

Episode 7

4.8 98 x
Couples are asked to come up with their dream date. But in a last-minute twist, therapist Leanne informs the couples it will be partners going on the dates with their future in-laws.

Episode 6

2.7 125 x
The couples are shocked when they receive the results to the lie detectors tests, while the one-on-one family therapy sessions yield surprising outcomes.

Episode 5

3.0 52 x
Jess is offered $10 000 and around-the-world ticket to leave Seyat. Peter and Gunilla ask Ry to sign a pre-nup and Simon is subjected to a lie detector test and asked about his infidelity.

Episode 4

3.0 85 x
The parents begin tests to satisfy concerns about the person their child intends to marry. Aalden is put through a test by Melissa's family, and asked questions about his infidelity and gambling.
October 2018

Episode 3

3.0 66 x
The couples take part in their first group therapy session where Izzy and Simon shock the group with an announcement. Family therapist Leanne Hall gives couples a hard task.