Bride & Prejudice: The Forbidden Weddings

Bride & Prejudice: The Forbidden Weddings catch up


Episode 6

4.3 338 x
Will Chris' parents arrive at their son's desert wedding in Palm Springs? Plus Liz's sister Katerina gives some last minute advice before her wedding to the much-younger Garrad.

Episode 5

4.0 95 x
Emotions run deep between father and son. A new couple shares their wedding news with their families. Does a bucks night go too far?
Episodes 2019

Episode 18

4.2 1,456 x
The night before her wedding, Tori meets with Mary-Ann, but the atmosphere between them is tense. Tori wants Mary-Ann at the wedding but only if her heart is in it.

Episode 17

3.9 498 x
Dannii and Denton's wedding day has arrived and while Denton couldn't be happier, Dannii is anxious not knowing if her mother and sister will be there to support her.

Episode 16

4.4 751 x
The couples are in the final countdown to their weddings. James' mother Deborah and stepdad Barry arrive to help him choose his suit.

Episode 15

4.6 778 x
Codie Lea's mother arrives to help her daughter shop for a wedding dress. Lea isn't happy to hear how Codie Lea has been treated by Laurelle and confronts her asking what her problem is.

Episode 14

4.8 229 x
Dannii and Denton's houseboat holiday takes a dive when Dannii shares with Donna and Dee her doubts about Denton. Back on land, Jess' parents arrive to help her choose a wedding dress.

Episode 13

4.0 204 x
With the weddings just over a week away, family therapist Leanne Hall asks the couples to spend quality time with their parents onboard a houseboat.

Episode 12

4.0 223 x
Therapist Leanne Hall asks the parents to spend quality time with their future in-laws. Catherine invites Micah to lunch and asks him to call off the wedding until he can prove he's off drugs.

Episode 11

3.0 212 x
The couples spend a night with their in-laws. Jess and JoJo aren't prepared for what happens during their evening with Sid and Lody, while Tori and James talk wedding plans with Mary-Ann.