Bride & Prejudice: The Forbidden Weddings

November 2018

Episode 9

3.5 50 x
The couples continue to bring their families together. Jess and Seyat have lunch with Fatima, Sam and Jess? parents.

Episode 8

4.0 53 x
The couples bring their families together. Hank and Lily have lunch with his parents and her mother and sister. Terry accuses Lily of tearing their family apart.

Episode 7

4.5 76 x
Couples are asked to come up with their dream date. But in a last-minute twist, therapist Leanne informs the couples it will be partners going on the dates with their future in-laws.

Episode 6

2.7 99 x
The couples are shocked when they receive the results to the lie detectors tests, while the one-on-one family therapy sessions yield surprising outcomes.

Episode 5

3.0 39 x
Jess is offered $10 000 and around-the-world ticket to leave Seyat. Peter and Gunilla ask Ry to sign a pre-nup and Simon is subjected to a lie detector test and asked about his infidelity.

Episode 4

3.0 52 x
The parents begin tests to satisfy concerns about the person their child intends to marry. Aalden is put through a test by Melissa's family, and asked questions about his infidelity and gambling.
October 2018

Episode 3

3.0 55 x
The couples take part in their first group therapy session where Izzy and Simon shock the group with an announcement. Family therapist Leanne Hall gives couples a hard task.

Episode 2

4.5 46 x
Six couples each desperate to marry the love of their life, but their families don't approve. Another three couples reveal they are getting married to heated opposition from their families.

Bride & Prejudice - The Forbidden Weddings S2 Ep: 1

4.0 86 x
Bride and Prejudice returns for a second season, with a new batch of star-crossed lovers - and disapproving relatives.