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Season 2023

NewSeason 2023, Episode 40 - Andy Warhol

4.0 4 x
We visit the Art Gallery of South Australia to learn more about famous Pop Artist, Andy Warhol, and his cultural impact.

Season 2023, Episode 39 - Academic Cheating

3.0 4 x
The federal government has blocked hundreds of websites to prevent students from cheating at high school and university, but will it actually work?

Season 2023, Episode 38 - Microsoft Activision

3.0 3 x
Tech Giant, Microsoft, is trying to buy out a rival company in a deal worth hundreds of billions of dollars. But it's got regulators worried the move will create a gaming monopoly.

Season 2023, Episode 37 - Sport Burnout

3.0 8 x
We take a look at the extreme lengths young people go to for elite sporting success, and the risk it has on their mental health.

Season 2023, Episode 36 - Copyright Laws

3.0 3 x
We break down Ed Sheeran's copyright trial, and look at the differences between musical inspiration and theft.

Season 2023, Episode 35 - Corporal Punishment

4.0 5 x
Corporal punishment is legal in Australia, but now a team of researchers is calling for a complete ban on the physical punishment of children.

Season 2023, Episode 34 - Coronation Cost

3.0 2 x
We find out how people in the UK really feel about the coronation of King Charles III.

Season 2023, Episode 30 - Gwyneth Paltrow's Court Case

4.0 2 x
We break down Gwyneth Paltrow's trial and explain the differences between civil and criminal courts.

Season 2023, Episode 29 - Teen Employment

3.0 10 x
A record number of teenagers now have jobs in Australia, but many say they're also dealing with issues like underpay and workplace harassment.

Season 2023, Episode 28 - Australia's Next Astronaut

3.0 8 x
We meet the first Aussie woman who'll train as an astronaut at the European Space Agency in Germany.