Building The Snowy

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Building The Snowy

The final episode looks at the lasting impact of the original scheme, and the legacy that is being built now by the successors of that first workforce in the building of Snowy 2.0. Over almost eight decades, the Snowy transformed the environment and people around it. From Alpine...

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Season 1
This episode focuses on the human element of the Project and it is here that we examine what is arguably The Snowy's most enduring influence on modern Australia. To recruit the necessary workforce, migration was encouraged, and migrants came to work on The Snowy in their tens of thousands. In a very real sense, the idea of...
This three-part series tells the remarkable story of 'The Snowy' from the original idea in the aftermath of the Second World War to the present with Snowy 2.0. The first episode focuses on the challenges involved in building such mighty projects. The political manoeuvres that were necessary to get the idea off the drawing ...