Call The Midwife

March 2017

Season 5, Episode 8

4.0 87 x
Dr Turner is forced to deal with his guilt as the cause of a recent spate of infant limb deformities is finally uncovered. A young man makes haste to marry his Australian fiancee before the arrival of their baby. (Final)

Season 5, Episode 7

3.0 54 x
As Dr Turner shares his excitement about the impending release of the contraceptive pill, not all of his counterparts at Nonnatus House are as keen for the social change it may bring.

Season 5, Episode 6

3.0 65 x
When prostitute Lizzie is too ashamed of social judgement to report a violent attack, it allows a dangerous man to go free and target others, including one attack which rocks Nonnatus House to its core.

Season 5, Episode 5

4.0 40 x
With modern advances starting to change things for the better, even medical professionals like Dr Turner are forced to consider their own lifestyles. Timothy realises the risks his parents are running by continuing to smoke.
February 2017

Season 5, Episode 4

4.0 72 x
While on secondment at a busy local hospital, Sister Julienne is impressed by the medical advances that are saving the lives of mothers and babies. As the medical world is changing, so is society at large.

Season 5, Episode 3

4.0 49 x
An outbreak of typhoid erupts & suspicion over who the carrier could be threatens to break apart a closely knit family. Sister Winfred faces a personal dilemma when a local teacher is revealed to be pregnant by a married man.

Season 5, Episode 2

3.5 43 x
Barbara experiences the biggest test of her career when a dockworker's wife is forced into a difficult decision about her impending delivery. Nurse Crane meets someone who promises great adventure but conceals a secret.

Season 5, Episode 1

3.0 98 x
Patsy helps an experienced mother give birth to a baby with severe deformities, and as the father struggles, Sister Mary Cynthia, Dr Turner, and Shelagh help the family cope; and Trixie begins teaching a keep fit class.
January 2017

Season 3, Episode 2

3.0 29 x
Jenny struggles to care for exhausted mother Merle Vickers and her two sickly children, and Nonnatus House welcomes a new nun, Sister Winifred.
December 2016

December 26, 2016

4.0 94 x
Festive cheer is plentiful as Poplar readies itself for Christmas. An unexpected surprise for a grieving mother helps bring the Christmas magic home, while Nonnatus is rocked to the core when one of its own goes missing.
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