Call The Midwife


Episode 9

4.0 231 x
Chummy and PC Noakes meet with new challenges as they settle back down to life in Poplar. Fred is in high spirits when his pregnant daughter, Dolly, and her young son Anthony arrive to stay with him.

Episode 6

4.0 70 x
The whole Poplar community pull together to prepare for the Summer Fete. This year with the introduction of a Baby Show the midwives will be more involved than ever; especially Trixie who assumes responsibility for securing a celebrity judge.

Episode 5

3.0 56 x
Returning from her stint at The London Hospital, Jenny needs all her skill as a midwife when she and Sister Evangelina assist at the birth of the Roberts' baby, who is born with spina bifida.

Episode 4

4.0 50 x
Jenny is seconded to a short staffed London Hospital to work on the male surgical ward and finds herself working under an intimidating surgeon, Mr Tracey.

Episode 3

3.0 62 x
The Nonnatus community is rocked when the Kelly family's new born son dies tragically in unexplained circumstances. Cynthia, who had attended the birth, comes under intense scrutiny from the police, and the pregnant women of Poplar.

Episode 2

4.0 112 x
Returning from a long day of duties, Jenny Lee finds the community gathered to wish her a happy birthday. However the midwife's good cheer is short lived when she is assigned a new patient who is trapped in an abusive marriage.

Xmas Special

4.0 107 x
Christmas Special - Christmas is coming, and in Poplar the midwives of Nonnatus House are busier than ever. When an abandoned baby is discovered on the steps of the convent, the whole community rallies to find his mother.

Season 5, Episode 8

4.0 152 x
Dr Turner is forced to deal with his guilt as the cause of a recent spate of infant limb deformities is finally uncovered. A young man makes haste to marry his Australian fiancee before the arrival of their baby. (Final)

Season 5, Episode 7

3.0 73 x
As Dr Turner shares his excitement about the impending release of the contraceptive pill, not all of his counterparts at Nonnatus House are as keen for the social change it may bring.

Season 5, Episode 6

3.0 88 x
When prostitute Lizzie is too ashamed of social judgement to report a violent attack, it allows a dangerous man to go free and target others, including one attack which rocks Nonnatus House to its core.