December 2017

Season 1, episode 6

3.0 31 x
The couples' relationships disintegrate and the children are caught in the crossfire as Robin's birthday celebrations get messy. Will any of the couples survive their last night camping?

Season 1, episode 5

3.0 14 x
Tom returns to the campsite to find the birthday celebrations are under way. Alcoholic Adam spirals, watched hopelessly by Kerry as he lashes out at his friends, his son and his dead wife.
November 2017

Episode 4

4.0 24 x
Tom struggles with his conscience when he receives shocking news about his ex-wife Anne. Should he cut short his holiday to be with Anne or stay to hunt fossils on the beach with Fay?

Season 1, episode 3

4.0 17 x
Fiona is determined to stay in her tent and have a terrible time when the others deviate from her schedule. Unfortunately this leaves her prone to the advances of Noel.

Season 1, episode 2

3.0 20 x
Tom and Fay's public demonstrations of affection and Fiona's inability to enjoy life cast a shadow over what should be a nice day at the seaside.

Season 1, episode 1

4.0 40 x
Two couples and their sons plan to spend a peaceful birthday weekend on a Devonshire farm. The plan unravels with the unexpected arrival of an old friend and his toxic new partner.