Can't Pay? We'll Take It Away!

May 2019

Episode 2

3.0 0 x
Brian and Graham have been warned to expect trouble as they evict some tenants, one of whom has a reputation for violence. Everything goes surprisingly smoothly until the enforcement agents make a shocking discovery in a child's bedroom.

Episode 1

3.0 11 x
Tempers flare when agent Paul Bohill calls at football and 'Celebrity Big Brother' star Neil 'Razor' Ruddock's house to redeem a small debt to a local kennel owner.
January 2016

Season 1 Episode 3

3.0 220 x
Paul and Steve have to evict a vulnerable pair of hoarders and a young woman with a child for rent arrears.

Season 1 Episode 2

3.0 164 x
Mike and Terry travel to Cheshire to collect a vehicle from a woman owing several hundred pounds.
December 2015

Season 1 Episode 1

3.0 322 x
With exclusive access to some of the most experienced High Court enforcement bailiffs and repossession teams in the country, this series is an eye-opening insight into cash-strapped Britain from the perspectives of debtors, creditors and debt collect