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Season 2015, Episode 26 19:00

Season 2015, Episode 26

4.0 4 x
Chrono visits Card Capital 2. There, he is asked by the shop manager to teach a novice boy about vanguard.
Season 2015, Episode 25 22:00

Season 2015, Episode 25

4.0 4 x
In a survival challenge where the future of the team is in danger, Chrono and his team will try to qualify into the regional tournament.
Season 2015, Episode 24 19:00

Season 2015, Episode 24

4.0 4 x
Chrono scrambles to gain enough points needed to meet the entry deadline for the qualifiers.
Season 2015, Episode 23 21:00

Season 2015, Episode 23

3.0 7 x
A king of demonic realm resides in the fortress of darkness located in Dragon Empire region.
Season 2015, Episode 22 19:00

Season 2015, Episode 22

4.0 8 x
Disheartened at the loss of his points that he related to his happy memories, Chrono decides to give up Vanguard for good, leaving his deck with Kamui at Card Capital 2.
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