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January 2017

Bob Crane

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In the 1960's Bob Crane was one of the hottest stars and most beloved characters on television as Colonel Robert Hogan on the comedy "Hogan's Heroes."

Brittany Murphy

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To the public, actress Brittany Murphy seemed to have it all. Beauty, fame, and both a loving mother and husband. But at age 32, her career was on a long, downward spiral.


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In 1977, forty-two year-old Elvis Presley was found dead inside his Memphis mansion. The news stunned millions, but the shock quickly turned to doubt about whether Presley was really gone.

Marilyn Monroe

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One of Hollywood's most recognizable sex icons, Marilyn Monroe’s suspicious death from a drug overdose at the height of her career remains one of Hollywood’s most fascinating mysteries.

OJ Simpson

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The 1995 murder trial of ex-football star O. J. Simpson captivated the nation. Had the once-beloved athlete really killed his ex-wife Nicole Simpson and waiter Ronald Goldman?


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The “Poltergeist” horror films are one of the scariest, but the terrifying paranormal events portrayed on-screen often pale to the tragic incidents that occurred off-camera.

Princess Diana

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On August 31st, 1997 Princess Diana and Egyptian filmmaker Dodi Al-Fayed were tragically killed while attempting to flee paparazzi in Paris.


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Two of the most notorious unsolved cases in the annals of American crime, the murders of Tupac and Biggie have been the subject of exhaustive investigations, relentless speculation.