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Season 2022

Season 2022, Episode 16

3.0 13 x
Xi Jinping prepares to return to the world stage as more Chinese cities go into lockdown. How much longer will China's zero-COVID policy last? Plus China's strict but messy gun laws and the crackdown on 'mooncake madness'.

Season 2022, Episode 15

3.0 16 x
China rejects a UN report alleging human rights abuses in Xinjiang, while Uyghur communities slam it as "too little, too late". China's ambitions in Antarctica. Plus how does faith fit into China's modern socialist society?

Season 2022, Episode 14

3.0 16 x
Scorching temperatures and severe drought as China battles the worst heatwave in six decades. Is this China's new normal? The growing popularity of motorsports, plus who will care for China's ageing population?

Season 2022, Episode 13

4.0 18 x
China gears up for military 'war games' with Russia as tensions with the West hit boiling point. Plus the modern-day slavery in China's Xinjiang region, and Gen Z's murder mystery game obsession. Presented by Stan Grant.

Season 2022, Episode 12

3.0 13 x
As China/Taiwan tensions escalate, how worried is Japan about military conflict in the region? Stan Grant examines China and Japan's complicated history. Plus the vegan revolution begins as China's appetite for meat declines.

Season 2022, Episode 11

4.0 12 x
Pelosi's visit to Taiwan ramps up the rift between China and the US but will it be Taiwan that pays the price? Stan Grant and Yvonne Yong examine the view from Beijing and Taipei. Plus why the game of Mahjong was once banned.

Season 2022, Episode 10

4.0 17 x
Why are Chinese citizens refusing to pay their mortgage? Stan Grant explores the state of China's economy and the property market. How do young people learn about sex in China? Plus a government crackdown on the use of VPNs.

Season 2022, Episode 9

3.0 11 x
The fight between China and the US to be best friends with the Pacific. Stan Grant unpacks China's relationships across Oceania. Plus how traditional martial arts like Kung Fu fit with the popularity of modern combat sports.

Season 2022, Episode 8

4.0 26 x
How China's censorship authorities use increasingly sophisticated tools to track and silence critics overseas including in Australia. Hong Kong's diminishing freedoms and why China's Gen Z is still waiting on better Sex Ed.

Season 2022, Episode 7

3.0 32 x
China and the Solomon Islands: a new era in the South Pacific? Hunger and anger in Shanghai's zero-Covid lockdown nightmare and Annie Louey examines the quest to save China's declining dialects with reporter Jinghua Qian.