China Tonight

Season 2021

Season 2021, Episode 12

3.0 9 x
Stan Grant and the team examine the reality of life for people with disability in China, cancel culture China-style, and one person two countries: how Chinese heritage affects how you're seen here and there. (Final for 2021)

Season 2021, Episode 11

3.0 12 x
We chat to a young activist about China's response to climate change ahead of the Glasgow summit. The latest on tensions with Taiwan, plus why the government is playing matchmaker for Chinese singles. Hosted by Stan Grant.

Season 2021, Episode 10

4.0 18 x
Find out what's happening inside China and what's been trending this week. Stan Grant interviews the Foreign Minister of Taiwan Joseph Wu, the crackdown on Beijing's billionaires, plus the death of street food in China?

Season 2021, Episode 9

4.0 26 x
A look at the history of China in the Pacific - Stan Grant chats with Kiribati President Taneti Maamau. Plus Annie Louey checks out traditional medicine, and Wenlei Ma dives into the wonderful world of Chinese soap operas.

Season 2021, Episode 8

2.5 39 x
How will China react to Australia's nuclear-powered submarine deal? Angharad Yeo checks out the Great Firewall's impact on social media scrolling plus Annie Louey goes back to school to look at the ban on private tutoring.

Season 2021, Episode 7

3.0 20 x
Stan Grant and Yvonne Yong look at what's making the news in China, the new 'lying down' movement bucking the workaholic approach of the past, the suppression of LGBTQI activists, and China's relationship with Afghanistan.

Season 2021, Episode 6

4.0 43 x
Stan Grant and Yvonne Yong look at all the news from China. Is the economy all it's made out to be? The country's bid to be one of the world's great sporting nations plus the underground music scene has its moment in the sun.

Season 2021, Episode 5

4.5 24 x
Stan Grant and Yvonne Yong look at preparations for the 100th anniversary celebrations for the Chinese Communist Party. How Hollywood has tried, and failed, in China, plus what 'Made In China' means on the mainland.

Season 2021, Episode 4

4.0 17 x
Stan Grant and Yvonne Yong take a fresh look at news and current affairs from inside China. In this week's program, Stan talks to Activist and Artist Ai Weiwei. Also what will 6G mean and Animals as livestock or pets?

Season 2021, Episode 3

4.0 22 x
Stan Grant looks at the ongoing resistance inside China to claims of crimes against humanity in Xinjiang. Annie Louey looks at the housing bubble. Jinghua Qian on what it's like to operate as a journalist on the mainland.