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Clam Brain

Let's get creative with that leftover energy in your body. Use your mind to fly through the air with Frankie, make your own hilarious bigfeet game and learn some awesome dinosaur yoga moves with Ty!

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Season 1
Want to get motivated? Then join Aaliyah in a super fun workout consisting of a duck and a jet pack...and learn to make you own motivational T-shirts at home!
Let's get creative, as Frankie and her little minions teach you an excellent mindful exercise, we learn how to make our own stain glass window, and Kendrick show us how to make your workouts anything but predictable.
We can refresh so much, our minds, our work areas, even our ideas. Join Frankie and Aaliyah as they take you on an invigorating yoga story and teach you how to create your own smart tablet holder.
Let's get our brains focused. Learn how to use food as a 'mindful exercise', make your own birdfeeder and join Reeva in some focusing Yoga moves.
Switching off after a busy day can be tricky, so Frankie is here to teach you a great wind down exercise, show you how to make your own dream catcher, and all the way from India, Reeva is here to share her top relaxing tips.
Life is filled with joyful moments, and we've got some great ideas to get you smiling. Use your mind to escape to the mountains with Frankie, play the Floor is Lava or learn how to make your own movie night snack tray!
Time to put positivity first. From going head to head in a race with an animated rabbit, to learning how to make your very own worry dolls to share the weight of any negative feelings.
How will you react to these top tips and tricks for focusing your reactions? From building your own zen garden to learning to let go of thoughts with the help of Frankie and Cloud.
It's time to get your creative juices flowing. Bring some imagination into your workout as Aaliyah helps you escape a hungry shark. Get sketching with The Doodle Boy and create your own funky faced, plant pots.
It's so important to reflect on what you do and don't like about yourself and Frankie and friends have loads of tips to help. From a follow along yoga story, to making your own reflection board.
Let's get some positive vibes going as Frankie teaches us controlled breathing with the help of Mr Squid, Kedrick sets us a personal best challenge and we learn to make super cute friendship jars.
Time to get off your sofa and get motivated! Aaliyah has an army inspired workout challenge, we'll learn how to make a squad goals jar and Iona has some top tips for meeting new friends.
Get the most out of nature, with a fast pace, animal workout, by learning how to make your own bug hotel, or by learning how to take a forest walk, with Gracie.
Want to burn off any pent-up energy? Then check out what Frankie and co have in store for you. From a super fun game of 'high fives' to creating your own exercise dice and a drawing challenge from The Doodle Boy!.
Learning to relax and switch off has never been more important. Frankie's here to teach you how to use your mind to escape to a tropical beach and how to make your own bath bombs for the ultimate chillout evening.
It can be difficult to find your focus, but Frankie and friends are here to help. Perfect your timings with Aaliyah's awesome workout and learn how to make your own focus jar!
Getting out and enjoying nature is so important. Frankie and friends teach you how to make your own recycled windchimes, draw some fun outdoor creatures and work out with a crazy, animated duck!
Bring some joy into your life with Frankie and friends. From listening to music in a whole new way, to making slime and learning some great football drills with Man City's Women!
Finding some inner calm can be tricky, so Frankie Bridge is on hand to help. From cute breathing exercises and awesome, animal yoga moves to super cool DIY stress balls.