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Shortly after the commencement of the annual Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race, a 'super cell' storm stirred up massive seas in the Bass Strait. Thirty aircraft took part in the rescue operation.
A country passenger train travelling towards Melbourne was struck by a semi-trailer that had been travelling at 100 kilometres per hour. First hand accounts from emergency workers and survivors.
In 2002 Bali nightclubs were bombed killing 88 Australians. Three years later terrorists bombed restaurants killing another 20 people. Stories of survival told by first responders & eyewitnesses.
88 young world travelers were at the Childers Palace Backpacker Hostel in Queensland when one of their own deliberately set fire to the place.
On 15 December 2014 eighteen people were taken hostage in Sydney’s Lindt café. Eyewitnesses and first responders explain what happened minute by minute in the months and weeks leading up to the horror
In February 2017 a group of golfers chartered a small aircraft to fly them from Melbourne to nearby King Island. 10 seconds after take off the plane exploded into a popular shopping centre.
On 28 February 2022, a disastrous weather destroyed thousands of homes in Lismore. In record-breaking floods locals risked their lives to save people in their community.
The Cronulla Riots. Terrifying images of Australians turning on one another are burnt into our memories. First responders and eyewitnesses recall the events that led to Australia's day of shame.
Episodes 2022
In 2016, Melbourne experienced the world’s largest epidemic thunderstorm asthma event which killed 10 Australians.
Code 1: Minute By Minute breaks down some of the biggest and most tragic news events to ever impact Australians. This episode features the response to the Bourke Street Mall Tragedy.