Cook Like An Italian With Silvia Colloca

Season 3

Season 3, Episode 10 - Italy, Top To Bottom

4.0 17 x
If renting a red Vespa, and embarking on a road trip from the top of Italyall the way down to the bottom of the 'boot,' isn't fitting your schedule anytime soon, Silvia has 3 recipes that will take you on that journey. From an incredible zucchini filled strudel with all the flavours of Calabria to a pesto linguine from Gen...

Linguine con pesto Genovese (classic pesto with linguine)

4.0 5 x
This recipe has pesto hack that you'll use forever, and will ensure your sauce keeps its vibrant green hue.

Strudel di ricotta e n’duja (ricotta and n’duja strudel)

3.0 13 x
A savoury strudel is a wonderful way to present a pie in a slightly different shape and form. This one is filled with creamy ricotta and meaty pork sausage.

Tigelle Liguri (Ligurian style bread)

4.5 31 x
If a tigelle press is not in your arsenal of cookware, you can easily cook the tigelle in a frying pan, ideally a non-stick and fitted with a lid.
Season 3

Season 3, Episode 9 - Signature Dishes

2.3 69 x
Italian home cooks always have a signature dish that families just can't getenough of and in this episode Silvia's friend Silvania shows her how tomake an Arancini recipe that has been in her family.


3.0 49 x
Some arancini are made with leftover risotto, some are made from scratch – either way, they make a perfect appetiser. In this recipe, the little rice balls are filled with cheese, peas and mince.

Risotto zucca e pancetta (risotto with pumpkin and pancetta)

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This risotto packs a punch with a couple of simple trickles – pumpkin roasted in balsamic vinegar, and a salty savoury touch of pancetta cooked until it's crispy.

Torta Caprese

3.0 36 x
Everyone needs another reliable chocolate cake recipe – this traditional Italian chocolate cake is set apart because it's flourless (gluten-free!), simple to make, and impressive to serve.
Season 3

Season 3, Episode 8 - Meal Planning

4.0 23 x
For Italians, if the pantry is stocked with classic and versatile ingredients,they will never go hungry again or spend a fortune ordering in.

Chicken cacciatore (pollo all cacciatora)

4.3 135 x
Italian home cooking has an array of recipes that are so well suited to cook ahead - and one such recipe is this chicken dish, which is called pollo alla cacciatora in Italian (chicken cacciatore in english), meaning chicken in stye style of the hunter.