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DI Lennox and DS Drummond head to Leeds Police Station where they meet up with DCI Ken Custer to discuss their findings on the Mister Confectioner case. Lennox knows that in order to defeat the killer, he himself must show his weakness. Stars Dougray Scott and Joanna Vanderham. ...

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Season 1
Serial killer Mister Confectioner continues to toy with DI Ray Lennox and DS Amanda Drummond in a curious game of cat-and-mouse. Stars Dougray Scott and Joanna Vanderham.
Convinced serial killer Mister Confectioner is toying with his team, DI Ray Lennox is determined to end it all on his terms. Stars Dougray Scott and Joanna Vanderham.
DI Ray Lennox interrogates sadomasochism den owner Richie Gulliver - who refuses to reveal his whereabouts on the day of Britney's disappearance. Lennox begins to feel the strain of the case. Stars Dougray Scott and Joanna Vanderham.
Following a devastating discovery, DI Ray Lennox would love nothing more than to drown his sorrows at the pub. He meets the eccentric crime enthusiast, Baxter McClelland, who tries to elbow his way into the investigation. Stars Dougray Scott and Joanna Vanderham.
When a 13-year-old Edinburgh schoolgirl is abducted, DI Ray Lennox, due to his own traumatic past, identifies strongly with the victim. He believes the murderer is the infamous serial killer, Mister Confectioner. But his bosses believe Confectioner is behind bars. Lennox's insistence that they have the wrong man puts him n...