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Crime Scene Confidential

Alina travels to Missouri to dig into the murder of Richard Armitage, an attorney attacked at his own desk. Alina lets the blood spatter evidence speak for a silenced victim.

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Season 1
CSI Alina Burroughs travels to Colorado to investigate the murder of Peggy Hettrick, whose mutilated body turns up in a vacant lot. With the help of a cutting-edge DNA technique.
Alina revisits a murder that's haunted a college campus, the death of Stacie Pannell. Alina takes a look at an investigation and discovers there may be more to this story.
When family man Brian Hughes falls dead in his living room, it looks like a robbery gone wrong. Evidence soon suggests a plot hatched from inside his home.
CSI Alina Burroughs is eager to determine whether Michelle Witherell accidentally fell from her balcony, committed suicide, or was murdered.
CSI Alina Burroughs opens the vault on one of her most notorious cases, the death of Caylee Anthony. Re-examining the clues, including a controversial strip of duct tape.