Croc College

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June 2017
John, Lyn and Luke arrive in the Northern Territory on the advanced stage of their course. (Final)
John teaches the students how to raid croc nests, and Lyn finally tells the others about her tragic secret. As the students graduate from Croc College, John announces who will go with him on the field trip to Kakadu.
May 2017
Renee is on the lookout for a missing croc. The men mess up their top-jaw roping practice and have a runaway croc on their hands. Lyn tells John her tragic secret.
September 2015
The crocs get even bigger, and petite Renee impresses John with her ability to catch an angry nesting female. Renee and Ryan go on an overnight trip with John, and discover the crocs will be sleeping in their hotel room.
The students learn about life and death on the farm, hatching baby crocs and harvesting an adult. Repeated fumbling in roping practice leaves John disappointed and Lyn's frustration with Renee reaches boiling point.
Six Australians embark on Australia's most dangerous training course - saltwater crocodile-wrangling, led by croc legend John Lever.