March 2016

Season 1, Episode 22

422 x
Conrad's arrest has major ramifications; Erin becomes Janet's stand-in birth partner at the last minute.

Season 1, Episode 21

236 x
Erin makes a decision that sends shockwaves through the DPP; Lina struggles to balance her work with Andy's fragile state; Richard has to move out.

Season 1, Episode 20

167 x
Erin has her first major contest - a seemingly open-and-shut ATM robbery case; when Conrad catches Richard in bed with Lisa things get heated and the lie divides the household.

Season 1, Episode 19

117 x
On a gaol visit assisting Tony on a case, Tatum is left alone with the witness, and when cornered, invokes her father's reputation to threaten him.

Season 1, Episode 18

182 x
Janet King and Lina Badir put aside their differences as they face the first day of the Max Gardiner trial.

Season 1, Episode 17

165 x
Richard finds himself handling a trial with only thirty hours to prepare. After working all night his exhaustion makes him deal awkwardly & carelessly with the victim's family.

Season 1, Episode 16

165 x
Janet and Lina face a setback in the Gardiner case; Lina decides she and Andy should make their relationship public; and Ben is stymied in a child murder case.

Season 1, Episode 15

107 x
Ben and Tony work together to sort out the legal complexities of an exorcism case; Erin agrees to a blind date with Conrad's carpenter friend from the gym.

Season 1, Episode 14

109 x
Tatum and Tony attend an inquest into the death of a young policeman on a training course; the Quinn case falls in a heap; Richard works on an unusual affray case.
February 2016

Season 1, Episode 13

193 x
The victims of the Quinn rape have their say at last, but Tracey learns a secret that will tear the case apart. Tatum works a drug case.

Season 1, Episode 12

86 x
Janet and Lina wrestle with a potential child sociopath; Richard crosses the line with a key witness; and Tatum discovers that running her own case is perplexing.

Season 1, Episode 11

86 x
Relations between Rhys and Erin are more strained than ever; Lina takes on a disturbing case where a boy has killed his younger brother; and Richard solves Conrad's romantic problems.

Season 1, Episode 10

96 x
Erin's finding it increasingly hard to keep working on a brutal murder case; Janet has pregnancy complications; and David makes a decision about the Attorney General file.

Season 1, Episode 9

93 x
Lina works a drugs case involving an undercover cop; Erin deals with a bizarre mistaken identity rape case; and Richard succumbs to the charms of an older woman.

Season 1, Episode 8

166 x
Janet steps in to prosecute Ben's grandfather's killer; Tracy accuses Erin of having an affair with Rhys; and Richard has to move back in with Tatum.

Season 1, Episode 7

140 x
Richard is haunted by the horrific secret of the reluctant witness to a murder, and Erin is conflicted about prosecuting a woman who murdered her brutal partner.

Season 1, Episode 6

124 x
Tatum's forced to confront her own history when she works on a teacher/student affair case; Ben battles Tony's drunken behaviour; and Richard ousts his tenant.

Season 1, Episode 5

102 x
Tatum has a case involving criminally transmitted HIV; Richard fights a reluctant witness; Janet warns Erin not to get emotional, but also reveals that she is on IVF.

Season 1, Episode 4

87 x
Lina's secular view of her faith is tested when her brother is arrested while Erin's breakthrough in a horrific murder case leads her to question her principles.

Season 1, Episode 3

196 x
Ben struggles to cope with the unexpected death of his grandfather, while Richard is intent on getting the assailant charged with murder, even though the evidence doesn't seem to add up.