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Curvy Brides Boutique

Michelle has brought her wedding forward due to her mother-in-laws' terminal illness, but her indecisiveness leads Jo to take drastic measures.

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Season 4
Al and Jo worry when they discover Holly has shown her fiance photos of herself trying on gowns. They have to convince her that she needs to choose a dress she loves for herself.
Amy made the decision to not have anyone at her Gibraltar wedding, but Jo and Al realize that she will need help with her dress on the day and witnesses to her ceremony.
Bethany was devastated when told she couldn't have kids, but after choosing a dress with Jo and Al, a surprise bump throws her wedding plans in the air.
Corrina has always dreamed of a dress to compliment her unique style, she's worried she won't like the dress.
Quirky but indecisive Dawn heads to the boutique looking for a dress as unique as she is, and Jo and Al help her find a gown to boost her confidence.
Delly arrives at the boutique with a bag of tricks to accessorize her outfit, and Jo and Al must find a beautiful dress that works with a top hat.
Kim had never been in a gay relationship before, and now she's headed to the boutique to find a dress for their last-minute wedding!
After a big year Karen put herself and the wedding on the back burner. Jodie wants to look dress to look 'different', but she hasn't got a clue what she wants her dress to be.
Bride Cacherel struggles to find a dress after losing her body confidence, and Al and Jo enlist some help to return her sparkle.
After tragically losing her husband, Lisa has found love once again and wants the perfect dress to wow her new fiance.
Bride-to-be Ruth suffered with bulimia before becoming a plus-size ambassador, but finding a wedding dress may bring back painful memories.
Michelle is on a weight-loss mission to fit into the dress she bought last year. Alissha hasn't seen her mom and nan for a year, will the family reunion reveal some home truths?
Bride Rochelle has Tourette's but is determined it won't let her get in the way of finding a wedding dress. Helen found love later in life and has fear's of being an older bride.
Nikita's dad has terminal cancer, and she's heartbroken that he may not make it to her wedding.
Season 3
Returning to the boutique, Natalie is terrified that after everything she's been through, she'll no longer love the dress Al and Jo helped her to choose two years ago.
Bride-to-be Amy may have lost weight, but at the boutique, it quickly becomes clear to Al and Jo that her incredible weight loss has done nothing to help her low self-esteem.
A son and daughter use brutal honesty to help their mom find a wedding dress.
Mandy needed to lose weight to fit into the dress she chose over a year ago, but even after enduring an intense workout regime, the dress simply doesn't fit.
Kierette bought a dress four years ago, but it no longer fits. Al and Jo come to the rescue but as the bride's sad story unfolds, they realise they need to re-build her confidence.