Dangerous Liaisons


March 31, 2016

Expired 3.0 2 x
Set in Shanghai, China in 1939. Madam Mo Jieyu has wealth and power, but she doesn't have love. Wealthy playboy Xie Yifan pursues Madam Mo Jieyu among many other ladies. At a party, Madam Mo Jieyu notices Xie Yifan eyeing widow Madam Du Fenyu. Madam Mo Jieyu then challenges playboy Xie Yifan to a high stake bet. If Xie Yifan can seduce Madam Du Fenyu, then he can also have Madam Mo Jieyu. If he is unable to seduce Madam Du Fenyu then a waterfront property owned by Xie Yifan will belong to Madam...